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Quote of the Day – May 8 2012

‎”I acknowledge the privilege of being alive
In a human body at this moment,
Endowed with senses, memories, emotions, thoughts,
And the space of mind in its wisdom aspect.

It is the prayer of my innermost being
To realize my supreme identity
In the liberated play of consciousness,
The Vast Expanse.
Now is the moment,
Here is the place of Liberation.”
–Alex Grey from The Vast Expanse

Since there is not much I can add to the above quote, I will go a bit stream of consciousness and ramble on for a bit. Lately I have been contemplating and discussing with friends a bit what blocks me from going as deep as I can with my writing. Why can I hit a certain level of honesty and sharing and then I veer away sharply? I’ve been circling around this question for awhile and am starting to pinpoint some answers.

Part of it is fear and yes I still have areas of fear that I have not fully integrated yet–I emulate courageousness well and then I stop at the point it touches. my life. Still I have reached new levels of self-honesty. When I tell a story from my past, I might suddenly gain greater insight into what its all about. Having that insight changes my story and thus changes my past. When my past changes, how do I maintain my present. That sounds melodramatic but still feels true, like the glass edges of a wound rubbing

Part of the issue feels like one of safety. This blog is a safe place in which I can speak or so I tell myself. But then i find different levels of safety, at times putting a condom of sorts over my exposed language. It is a prayer of my innermost being to express itself as I express as a human being in this most exciting of times. May it be so.
Blessings, G

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Audience by G A Rosenberg

Undersea Cross by G A Rosenberg

Quote of the Day – April 15 2012

“If Spirit has any meaning at all, then it must be eternal, or without beginning or end. If Spirit had a beginning in time, then it would be strictly temporal, it would not be timeless and eternal. And this means, as regards your own awareness, that you cannot become enlightened. You cannot attain enlightenment. If you could attain enlightenment, then that state would have a beginning in time, and so it would not be true enlightenment.
Rather, Spirit, and enlightement, has to be something that you are fully aware of right now. Something you are already looking at right now… We are all already looking directly at Spirit, we just don’t recognize it. We have all the necessary cognition, but not the recognition. ”
— Ken Wilber

What is the recognition that Dr. WIlber is talking about? It doesn’t seem to me that it can be reached through cognition or any form of conscious endeavour but rather by letting go of consciousness altogether :

“It was a marvelous morning and you could have walked on endlessly, never feeling the steep hills. There was a perfume in the air, clear and strong. There was no one on that path, coming down or going up. You were alone with those dark pines and the rushing waters. The sky was that astonishing blue that only the mountains have. You looked at it through leaves and the straight pines. There was no one to talk to and there was no chattering of the mind. A magpie, white and black, flew by, disappearing into the woods. The path led away from the noisy stream and the silence was absolute. It wasn’t the silence after the noise; it wasn’t the silence that comes with the setting of the sun, nor that silence when the mind dies down. It wasn’t the silence of museums and churches but something totally unrelated to time and space. It wasn’t the silence that mind makes for itself. The sun was hot and the shadows were pleasant.

He only discovered recently that there was not a single thought during these long walks, in the crowded streets or on the solitary paths. Ever since he was a boy it had been like that, no thought entered his mind. He was watching and listening and nothing else. Thought with its associations never arose. There was no image-making. One day he was suddenly aware how extraordinary it was; he attempted often to think but no thought would come. On these walks, with people or without them, any movement of thought was absent. This is to be alone.”
– J Krishnamurthi.

In that silence, lies that recognition that Ken Wilber talks about. The awareness that lies beyond cognition.
Blessings, G

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Thoughts in Motion by G A Rosenberg

Quote of the Day – January 22 2012

“We must be able to let things happen in the psyche. For us, this becomes a real art… Consciousness is forever interfering, helping, correcting, and negating, never leaving the single growth of the psychic processes in peace. ”
–Carl Jung

I would like to just be with my thoughts and feelings. Do I mean be like the eye in the hurricane,calmly fixed in the centre while all my thoughts and feelings dance around me. Who knows what magic might spring up? I can journey with my wildest imaginings without worry that judgement could curtail it. I could be wrathful, lustful, beatific, blissful without opposition sometimes all at once. Ah that I may have the grace to find myself perceiving from the view of the witness, just on occasion, to not live from my past or for my future but present, fully present in the now. Namaste, G

A word on tonight’s pictures: Both of these came from dancing with a series of 3-4 brush strokes and seeing what I could make of them-complicated simplicity as it were,

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Primitive Owl by G A Rosenberg

Glow Play by G A Rosenberg

Quote of the Day – December 19 2011

“Ideas are like fish. If you want to catch little fish, you can stay in the shallow water. But if you want to catch the big fish, you’ve got to go deeper. Down deep, the fish are more powerful and more pure. They’re huge and they’re abstract. And they’re beautiful.”
— David Lynch (talking about meditation and consciousness)

Gives a whole new meaning to ‘Gone Fishing’ don’t it? More and more I feel the fish coming to the surface (was going to say floating to the surface but that does make it seem a bit more grisly 😉 Still, so much seems to be about not judging what comes up, may be some really ugly truths buried but not everything that may seem ugly actually is, some things just need to be seen in true light. What is ugly but a subjective aesthetic that we haven’t as yet accepted. When you step back and see how it fits into the larger pattern of the self and existence, than the ugliest quality, mood, event may become sublime.
Namaste, G

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Rose on the Ledge in a Colourless Cave by G A Rosenberg


In It’s Wake by G A Rosenberg