Beyond Time — A Rambling


“You should know now that nothing begins
Nor does it end.
Things are ever-present.”
-Grant Morrison


To see beyond the imposition of time is to see things complete as multi faceted gems that contain one’s entirety within them. Everything that we see as having happened or happening or will happen is there in one eternal moment in its perfection. There is nothing or no one that has ever existed for us that is not there for it is all part of that completeness and thus they exist and we can exist with them.
Of course we feel the constraints of time. It is after all a great way of organizing and experiencing things. I doubt anyone of us could handle our existence here without it tho on cold winter nights when we grow nostalgic, it helps to know that beyond the veil of time-space limitations, any person, place or thing continues as do we all.
Blessings, G


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Curiosity Curiosity by G A Rosenberg


VortexVortex by G A Rosenberg