Fresh Perspective


“”I wear the universe backwards. I imagine putting stars in my coffee, and sugar in the sky. I imagine going fishing in clouds, and watching the sun hide behind lakes. I’m too busy dancing with my imagination to even tip toe with reality for a second. They say I’m going mad. They’re right.”
— D. Antoinette Foy


I danced with a dream in the daytime
I sang silent songs in my head
I grieved at the grave of the living
and had dinner and tea with the dead


I marvelled at colourless rainbows
I got drunk on tap water last night
I played children’s games with little old ladies
how they loved when I gave them a fright


Yet through all my cleaver reversals
I find that a balance comes through
Looking at things from angles unseen
makes the commonplace world seem like new

— G A Rosenberg


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Desert ManifestationDesert Manifestation by G A Rosenberg


TurbulenceTurbulence by G A Rosenberg