Tarot Post – Ace of Cups



Ace of Cups

Tarot – Ace of Cups (Revised) by G A Rosenberg


For too long my spirit  felt depleted
I didn’t know what was needed
Emptiness contained within me
Not so much emptiness as a polluted sea
run dry


Now out of nowhere, something new has appeared
this cup in front of me has washed away my fear
I feel reborn; love and creativity
has given me renewed vitality


The cup’s been offered

Drinking from it heals the heart

and renews the soul


The suit of cups in the tarot represent love and our emotional natures. How open are we to receiving that which is offered? What conditions do we place on love and how are we in relationship? The ace of cups (like the other aces) is a seed that contains within it all of the healing and renewal that love can bring. How ready for it are we? Can we drink deep from the cup offered or do we reject it either because we mistrust what is offered or we fear where this new road can lead. The Holy Grail in Arthurian legend healed the land until it was misused and taken for granted. How willing are we to be healed?

When the Ace of cups, shows up in a reading, it represents new love being offered. This can come from another or it can come from within. It often represents a new period of potential joy.When reversed, the Ace of cups indicates a blockage to this renewal. What is stopping us from accepting what is offered? What connection are we not allowing to happen?

Quote of the Day – July 15 2012

“To be fully alive, fully human, and completely awake is to be continually thrown out of the nest.”
― Pema Chödrön


When I was younger I used to move around a lot. I believe the longest I lived anyplace from the time I was 16 when I moved from my mother’s house to my father’s until I was 26 was about eight months and my life after that point took another ten years to settle down. With each move came various amounts of disillusionment, relief, excitement with a bit of fear. Each one increased my awareness to some extent. I threw myself down more rabbit holes than Alice ever dreamed of and came out the other side until I finally learned it was possible to learn from life without a great upheaval in physical circumstances.

Each new insight that we gain has the ability to rock our internal worlds. If we are conscious every time we discover that the universe is more or other than we have been told or believed our universe changes. Since the most we can ever understand of universal truth is a fraction this can happen every day. We are eternal children ever discovering that the universe is bigger than we’ve known. And so our fractal awareness grows.
Blessings, G


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Lantern by G A Rosenberg


Three of Cups by G A Rosenberg

Tarot Card – Eight of Cups (Two Versions)

Long have I stayed here
drinking deeply of the pleasures offered
Now my soul longs for more
Cups lie empty strewn around me.
Surely there must be more!
I look out and feel a yearning
a calling- some message
telling me…what?
that I can be more than this mundane creature
with neither needs nor ambition
that there is purpose and meaning
once I give it such.
I know I will be changed
by what lies ahead
Do I have a choice?
Stay here and become not
bur remain that which I’ve been
or follow the pull
on mind heart and being
no choice at all
I reach out and
I’m gone

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Eight of Cups by G A Rosenberg

(side note: After seeing this depiction, a friend of mine who knows quite a bit about the tarot and things esoteric suggested that traditionally the cards are stacked… Looking at given meanings for the card, I could see his point. Sometimes before finally given up, we make a show of trying to put the chaos in our lives into order.  I did a second version of the card to reflect this (and leave a neater beach):

Eight of Cups (Version 2) by G A Rosenberg

Quote of the Day – March 25 2012

“Liberty, according to my metaphysics is a self-determining power in an intellectual agent. It implies thought and choice and power.”
–John Adams

A friend of mine asked me what significance the card below, the seven of cups had to my life at this time. At first I told her that as a choice of card to do it was fairly random. I should have known better. Random is a pretty arbitrary term and I gave up believing in coincidence long ago.
The seven of cups is all about choices that are mostly illusory and reasons for those choices. Most of the time many of us choose according to our needs, whether love, fear, desire for safety or money..but ultimately we choose according to our nature and our needs.
This past week, I have been contemplating a difficult decision. I have looked at it from many different angles and argued several different points of view, driving my partner half crazy in the process. Ultimately tho no matter how much I agonize, no matter how dramatically I show that I hate deciding, there is no choice, I will act according to my nature. Knowing this, i can give it a rest and at least be sure of having some clarity.
How often do we put ourselves into this loop of anxiety over indecision? We tell ourselves we have the freedom to choose anything. Our own being ultimately decides. Trusting that, we can calm ourselves down quite a bit.
Blessings, G

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Seven of Cups by G A Rosenberg

Tarot Card of the Day – Dec 4 2010

Six of Cups – Pleasure

The light reflects on the water
as our bodies reflect on each other
a coming together of elements
yearning for something new to come of it…
We may have met this way before
on this beach or another
in another time or existence
but every moment is NOW
and every beach this one
Fall into my body
as my spirit touches yours…..

Tipareth in Water
Sun (☼) in Scorpio (♏)
I Ching Hexagram 20
____ ____
____ ____
____ ____
____ ____

Kwan – Manifesting or Contemplating

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Six of Cups – Pleasure by G A Rosenberg

Tarot Card of the Day – August 30 2010

Four of Cups

Moon (☽) in Pisces (♓)

Geomancy: Via

There is something new to be had
I just know it
It comes into view and it will be better than
anything that has come before
This new cup
This new game…
Have I said it before
of each of the others?
I mean it now…
I just know the next
dream come true
will make my dreams come true….

Four of Cups  (Luxury) by G A Rosenberg

Moon in Cancer

Tho this is a natural place for the moon to be, there is an implication according to Aleister Crowley of abandonment to desire and weakness which introduces some rot into the manifestation of the emotion that comes with the four of cups…

Indeed in this card there is an implication of taking what you have for granted and wanting something ‘more’ no matter how fanciful…
No matter what you have, it is the new toy or gadget or game that will make us ‘complete’…
the next person we meet if that is there…the ennui
there arises a certain need to find inspiration from that which is around you….