Quote of the Day – September 7 2011 (Shadows and Dawn)

“Anthems to glory
and Anthems to love
and hymns filled with earthly delight
like the songs that the darkness composes
to worship the light ”
–Dan Fogleberg (Netherlands)

Sometimes my brightest most hopeful thoughts come in the middle of the night. Walking underneath the moon and the stars, feeling the evening breeze around me I make connections and insights and feel most in touch and in alignment with the highest parts of my being. Most of my creativity happens at night. I can see her as Nuit, the eternal night mother from which springs all and which will sweep back all that comes from her…

Likewise Dawn can bring a wistfulness as much as a celebration…After all you cannot have a shadow without a light to cast it…

Acknowledging all sides of ourselves, the lift, the drag and the thrust do we rise.



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Night Shadow by G A Rosenberg

Aurora by G A Rosenberg