Tarot Post – Page of Cups


Page / Princess of Cups (Earth of Water)


Page of CupsPage of Cups by G A Rosenberg


Sandbars at low tide
Summers spent in innocence
We drank of life’s joy


Inspired to dream
by a child’s questions
quite unexpected
my eyes opened to wonder
by innocence
my staid adulthood tamed
to submission
by wide eyes
and guileless charm
as answers fell into place
around me.
Private thoughts that made me smile
as to the senselessness of all
now came crystal clear
as I realized the joke was on me
All day our talk continued
histories shared,
Now the child is gone
and my life begun anew..



The suite of Cups deal with our emotional nature including love, both that as in a relationship between two (and rarely more) people and that of friends and companions.Pages (or Princesses as they are called in many decks) represent the grounding or emergence of the energy involve. Water is the medium for crystallization. When enough of a substance is combined with water it crystallizes and a new substance is born. The questions that come from an innocent mind can often form new realizations in even the most jaded of hearts.
The Page of Cups has many of the best qualities we associate with childhood. He or She is open-hearted and imaginative, sympathetic, seeking to understand and learn. Often they exhibit psychic abilities and can be very dreamlike. The archetype that springs immediately to mind is The Little Prince in Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s book of the same name. There is much inspiration and realizations sparked by the questions and play of our inner child if we were to listen.


I Ching Correspondence – 41) Sun – Decrease

___ ___
___ ___
___ ___


The trigram for the Mountain is over that of the Lake. As the lake evaporates, its moisture enlivens the mountains. Our childhood dreams and imagination spurs us on to the adults that we become. If we can hold on to that spark of open-heartedness then it can continue to inspire us no matter what period we have reached in our lives. At times we may need to dissolve some of the misconceptions that have arisen along the way and dip back into this pool of dreams in order to build anew.
This hexagram reminds us that everything comes in its time but to balance out both our inner needs and our outer experience. Just as the lake nourishes the mountain, the mountain also sustains the lake. To continue expanding as a person without stagnation, it benefits us to sustain our inner child.


When the Page of Cups is seen in a reading, it often tells us that we need to access the child within and to take time out to dream and play. It may also be telling us that we need to rely on our intuition and what’s more to trust it. The card may also be suggesting that it is time to gain a greater spiritual understanding either within the system we followed when we were younger or in a new direction that will re-spark our inner life. The Page of Cups may refer to a child coming into our lives who will reawaken our sense of wonder.


The Page of Cups reversed in a reading may refer to a time when we have let ourselves play a little too much. Perhaps we have confused our inner and outer realities and have caused discomfort to ourselves and others. We may be acting impulsively and ignoring some of the consequences of our actions. The card may also refer to either ourselves or someone around us becoming disturbed by psychic flashes or visions that they are having. It indicates that it is a good time for a reality check.


Tarot Post – Six of Wands


Six of Wands (Victory)


Six of WandsSix of Wands (Revised) by G A Rosenberg


Success by doing

what reveals your inner joy

brings recognition



After all this time
inner and outer challenges
We have come to find success
Now the future stands before me
as we face our heroes’ welcome
The public one anyway; tonight
there will be a personal one
as I am welcomed…
Ah, there will be many more of both

My own doubts have been
conquered as well
A personal victory
that has carried forward
and one I can help others with.
as we forge ahead
with much left to be won.


The suite of Wands deal with force-creative, spiritual, and vital. Sixes represent balance and harmony. When creative and spiritual force reaches a balance there is a victory over whatever forces within or without that was causing the imbalance in the first place. This victory increases self-confidence and allows one to optimistically expect to triumph over future imbalance and difficulties. Imagine how liberating it is when blockages to creativity or spirituality have been removed and new expansion made possible.


Astrological Correspondence – Jupiter in Leo – Jupiter in Leo is a very lucky and charismatic energy. It attains much in whatever it endeavours (especially if it can stay out of the way of its own ego) and inspires others to aspire to the same heights. Jupiter in Leo tends to be a bit dramatic and plays to its audience, after all it truly feels that it cannot be beaten but it is also magnanimous, believing in giving back to those ‘less fortunate. Jupiter in Leo tends to be strongly opinionated and will have problems with anyone who ‘dares’ to disagree. The energy is also one that attracts and is attractive to children as there is a strong protective streak associated with it.


I Ching Correspondence – 41) Sun – Decrease
___ ___
___ ___
___ ___

This hexagram is comprised of the trigram of the Mountain over that of the Lake and carries the idea of decrease by evaporation of the lake leading to increase of the mountain by precipitation. When looking to achieve balance, we decrease what we have too much of and increase what there is too little of. When we increase the qualities that we see in ourselves as positive, ie compassion, joy and knowledge and decrease our apathy and ignorance than we have attained a victory over our inner selves.


When the Six of Wands comes up in a reading there is optimism and victory in the offering. Whatever contest inner or outer that is in the offering will be triumphant. Steps may have to be taken so that this win is not at the expense of others. Often this card denotes that one is in the position to inspire other’s with optimism and can-do spirit. When this card comes up in the past position, it can refer to reflecting and relying on past victories and one’s ‘glory days’.


When the Six of Wands turns up reversed in a reading it may show that one is filled with doubts and does not see how to win out over them. It can also refer to overconfidence and the belief that one has won when in reality that may not be the case