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Finding the Story and Bringing it Home


“It’s a funny thing about stories. It doesn’t feel like you make them up, more like you find them. You type and type and you know you haven’t got it yet, because somewhere out there, there’s that perfect thing — the unexpected ending that was always going to happen. That place you’ve always been heading for, but never expected to go.”
— The Doctor (Steven Moffat)


I went searching for my story. It seemed everyone else had one but mine had little plot and less action. I’ve had adventures but is it truly a story? Does the plot hang together? Are the characters believable? The one thing I can tell you from first hand experience is to doubt the reliability of the narrator. But that’s ok he doubts himself at times.
That being said tho it seems that my story does improve as I go, the setbacks seeming more minor, the everyday brighter and brighter.I know there’s quite a bit of story before I come to the end of my page.
Blessings, G


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BenedictusBenedictus by G A Rosenberg


FocusedFocused by G A Rosenberg

Quote of the Day – November 24 2011

“Knowing’s easy; everyone does that ad nauseam. I just sort of hope.”

        –The Doctor;  (Doctor Who-State of Decay)

Couldn’t let the 48th anniversary of Doctor Who go by without mention and since last night I used a JFK quote, then  I figured today would be the Doctor’s turn. Besides this quote describes something I feel quite often. So few things that I know for sure and most of those I only know to be true for me. Hope tho  I have in abundance. Hope that things can and will get better. Hope and weary faith in our species. Hope in more and more people choosing some form of path of awareness. What most people describe in a perforative sense as waking up. I believe I see that happening now.Miracles can and do happen every day.

Oh yeah a bit about the images for tonight. I started out playing out with gradients and pens and textures and ended up with the second image.I found it kind of cool and evocative but possibly needing something more. I played and played and ended up with the first one. Overall I feel happy with it (or at least satisfied) tho it may be a bit garish for my taste.

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River’s Mouth by G A Rosenberg

Colour Flow by G A Rosenberg