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My Dogma is Running From My Karma


“Every dogmatism, whether ecclesiastical-political or state-political, necessarily takes each thought and deed that seems to deviate from it, or that actually does deviate from it, to be in essential agreement with what is inimical to the dogmatism—whether it be the pagans and the godless or the Jews and Communists. A peculiar strength lies in this kind of thinking—not a strength of thinking—but the power to make one’s own gospel prevail.”
— Martin Heidegger


It is difficult for me to avoid being political these days. I have gotten caught up in the soap opera of the Republican debates and indeed what a show it’s been. I have also been watching the comments on social media and for an ex-patriot American living in Canada things back home look mighty confusing. So much fear is being spread about Islam and there seems to be confusion for many about whether to be afraid of the terrorists who call themselves the Islamic State or just any follower of the religion. Some people have such a strong knee-jerk reaction to the concept of Islam that they can’t handle when it is discussed in their children’s social studies classes. A few months ago the same people were up in arms about gay marriage and how allowing it would either piss off God or cause moral implosion everywhere. There is fear about being forced to give up their guns and fear of people who are indiscriminately shooting at others. It must be pretty uncomfortable to live somewhere where people are constantly told what they need to be afraid of.
I have been told that the reason why Canadians can be so relatively care-free and liberal about these subjects is because we know that the United States will protect us against any attack. If that is true, then shouldn’t people living in the States feel even safer? It makes the mind boggle.
Blessings, G


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Quote of the Day-December 8 2011

“Let me give you some advice: Try to approach things without preconceived ideas, without supposing you already know everything there is to know about them. Get that trick down and you’ll be surprised at what’s really all around you.”
― Charles de Lint

Approaching things without preconceived ideas seems like such a hard thing to do. Lately I’ve been noticing how difficult it can be to navigate around someone’s personal dogma.
Personal dogma, I’ll define as the set of ideas and concepts that any given person has about reality (be it religious, political or social) around which they cannot or will not budge. Challenges to personal dogma end up freaking the person out and causes the brain to stop working. I mean it could be something fairly universal, i.e. “People should not kick puppies or babies”, or belonging to a set group “Jesus died for our sins”, or singular “Peggy Sue Anderson gives the best tongue baths of anyone I’ve ever met”
More on personal dogma tomorrow… Namaste — GAR


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Behind the Eyes by G A Rosenberg

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