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Quote of the Day – September 14 2011

“The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it. ”
–Richard Bach

Looking for words of gentle wisdom–
Gratitude, Love, Peace, Unity, Diversity, Wisdom, Understanding, Truth, Freedom, Joy, Compassion
Yet all of these words have so many meanings, not only depending on who says them but when they say them as well. We sometimes make the mistake of expecting greater consistency from others than we do from ourselves.. To paraphrase Uncle Walt, I am huge, I contain multitudes. Wouldn’t it be foolish then if I expected something different from others. Don’t they get to contain multitudes as well. Yet the above words and many others do give me solace. They all express concepts to me that I often hold dear. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t abused them. I have not been the most faithful with my concept of any of them yet I’ve been working on it.
Funny thing, very few of these words can exist in a vacuum. They all speak of relationship, not only to others but to ourselves,and to the Youniverse that exists in each of us..
Just a few thoughts that have bubbled up to the surface tonight.

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To The Surface and Above by G A Rosenberg

Stars by G A Rosenberg