Stilted Elemental Poetry


“I shall continue to exist. I may assume other disguises, other forms, but I shall try to exist.”
— Vladimir Nabokov


Sometimes just being is enough
spirited like fire
fluid like water
thoughts spreading like air
while grounded.
Existence can be rough
Day to day struggles
and the need to relate
reconciling paradox
and all that surrounds us.
Yet still I’ll continue
finding things that inspire
touching new hearts
learning and exposing
and creating
In the old finding new
paths i’m exploring
companions meeting
new thoughts thinking
new awareness stating.
— G A Rosenberg

<h4 Blessings, G


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Time FlowTime Flow by G A Rosenberg


Camouflaged GoatCamouflaged Goat by G A Rosenberg


I Lived


“he asked if i wouldn’t like to live completely without problems, say in greece maybe, nice climate, everything provided? i say: “when we find out what we are actually doing and who we actually are, that is the point of living…it may be only a few seconds…a few seconds of significant actions, out of a lifetime…”
― William S. Burroughs


What does it mean to live beyond existence? So much of our life is spent in day to day existing, some of it mindful but a lot of it routine. Every so often in retrospect we either look back at a period of our lives and think “There I was happy, There I lived” or perhaps the even rarer “There is nothing else I would rather be doing at any time or place. I am happy. I am alive.” Those moments make all the rest worthwhile. I know that choice can make all the difference. If we could figure out what gives us joy and purpose and focus on doing those things than we have accomplished something truly worthwhile.
Blessings, G


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TransfiguredTransfigured by G A Rosenberg