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Quote of the Day – February 15 2012

“The words shared don’t matter as much as the vibration they come from.
-Elina St-Onge

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Flashing Mandala by G A Rosenberg

The words don’t matter and yet we speak. Why? Do we wish to express or share something of our being? I believe most often we do. If what I share really comes from me and it reflects a sincere feeling or thought than no matter how I word it people will understand. If I share something that does not truly reflect my being people will also sense this no matter what I say. I’ve done this, I’d like to think I do it a lot less now but there has definitely been times I shared what I wanted people to believe I thought rather than something that reflected the truth of my being. It can be so hard to be yourself when you don’t know who you are. Why am I so afraid of not knowing? One of my favourite aphorisms has been that the most honest answer to most questions that people hear is “I don’t know” Those words can be daunting. Most days I don’t believe that absolute truth is fully knowable on this plane of existence and yet saying those words ‘I don’t know’ one of the most honest statements one can make becomes an internalized taboo. Why? I have some guesses but the reality is I don’t know. Becoming ok with that has been part of my journey for awhile now.
When I say that many answers cannot be FULLY known on this level, I am not saying in any way shape or form that we should give up asking these question as by the asking we grow closer to understanding and by exploring crucial questions of our being, I believe we contribute greatly to our becoming. Much Love, G

Congratulations to Peter Leonard for winning February’s Art contest. I hope to have a new contest at the end of March