Consuming Fire


“It is a fire that consumes me, but I am the fire.”
— Jorge Luis Borges


To be consumed by my own nature
and to design my own fête
A complicated game
made more complex
by inner fire burning
and the hues therein
Still I play on
making my moves with abandon
I work towards the endgame
while forgetting it exists
A king will be tipped
and the movement waylaid
but who’s hand shall do the tipping?
Still there is grace
while the queen is in play
I study my changing reflection
and it is now my move.
— G A Rosenberg


Blessings, G

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Through Gateway to Woodland GlenThrough Gateway to Woodland Glen by G A Rosenberg


Another TowerAnother Tower by G A Rosenberg


Let It Burn


“Step into the fire of self-discovery. This fire will not burn you, it will only burn what you are not.”
— Mooji


Taking myself through the flame of being
Burn away my fears that I cannot be successful
Burn away my self-doubt
and my judgement of others
burn away my feelings of self-righteousness
and that I know better than others
what is right for them.
Burn away my laziness and distractibility
and reveal the love
reveal the joy
Reveal the being
— G A Rosenberg


What would you like to burn away from what you show to reveal who you are?
Blessings, G


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SummonedSummoned by G A Rosenberg


A Distant FloweringA Distant Flowering by G A Rosenberg


Tarot Post – The Aeon / Judgement


XX-The Aeon / Judgement (△)(♇)


Judgement -The AeonThe Aeon / Judgement by G A Rosenberg


A New Aeon calls
all in radient glory
New Purpose Awakes.


What does a butterfly say when it hears the call ?
I crawled for so long
feeling earth and bark beneath me
Kept down by gravity
then one day I heard a call
I followed my instincts
and found…
Ecstatic darkness
points of light
and strange dreams
within the cocoon
with strange voices offering guidance
New colours and tones
previously beyond my sense
Then an awakening
I could fly in beauty
with understanding and insight
which I could not have conceived.
I was born anew in wonder
and reached heights unknown.
New challenges were there as well
I have lived ever since
calling the sky my own.
Today I heard the call again
and I prepare to enter
What will become of me now?


Up to now, the Major Arcana has been about reconciling the self in one form or another. The Sun marked the final resolution and combination of ourself with our shadow. The Aeon or Judgement shows the awakening or calling to higher purpose that comes afterwards. In earlier periods, this card was called Judgement and depicted the biblical calling forth from the graves at the blowing of the angel Gabriel’s horn. This had the implication that one had to die and be reborn in order to receive this higher calling. With the coming of a new era it is known that life is ever regenerating and renewing and that Death is illusory. We are constantly undergoing transformation and being reborn. Thus the card’s new title reflects the age we live in now.
The word Aeon itself means a distinct period. This card reflects that in our lives we have personal Aeons as well as the universal ones. Periods that can be clearly demarcated from one another usually by some transformative event such as getting married, coming out, changing careers or changed philosophies of life. We may even think of it in these terms. This was who I was in that period. This is who I am now. During those years I was someone else. In reality, these changes usually happen more gradually over a period of time but usually there is one moment of realization or some event that we use that reflects the transition. It is these transformative events to which the Aeon trump refers. That spiritual awakening that once had, can never be reversed.
This can be a time of tremendous upheaval in our lives. Change is seldom easy or without consequence. Yet very few butterflies complain that they are no longer caterpillars nor can we stay in the cocoon beyond a certain point no matter how much we may fear the transition.


Astrological Correspondent – Fire (△) Planet Pluto(♇)-The Aeon like The Fool and The Hanged Man cards have a double astrological attribute, a planetary one and an elemental one. One of the reasons for this is that in the hebrew alphabet (used on the tree of life) the letters are split into three groups. These are the three Mother letters (Aleph, Mem, and Shin which represent the elements Air, Water and Fire), Seven Double letters (Beth, Gimel, Dalet, Koph, Peh, Resh and Tau which represent the seven known planets Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, the Sun and Earth) and twelve Simple letters which represent the 12 signs of the zodiac. It all works rather nicely. However since these assignations were made three more planets were discovered in our solar system Uranus (who’s astrological nature fits well with Air), Neptune (a planet with a decidedly Watery nature and influence) and Pluto (a fiery influence). Some readers, deck designers and students of the tarot have connected the three planets with the three elemental cards. Since there is such a close fit and examination of any correlation can bring insight I include both possible influences in this writing.
Pluto’s influence is one of transformation and regeneration. It’s energy takes out what no longer works for our growth and development (sometimes forcibly) and replaces it with the challenges we most need. This is seldom a smooth transition. Pluto with its slow movement works mainly on a collective level, influencing generations and nations (ruled by whatever generation has come to power) more than individuals yet all are subject to its influence. Pluto takes us out of our own individual shells and transforms us towards the good of the all. Pluto as the planetary ruler of Scorpio tends to have influence over male sexuality as well
Fire is the elementary influence over the signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. It is a creative enthusiastic force. It influences the areas where we are courageous and where we feel moved to action. The influence of fire may become a bit domineering and tend towards a sense of self-righteousness yet it is also that which leads us on to both creative and spiritual endeavours.


Runic Correspondent – Inguz (“Seed”)inguzInguz is the bursting of the seed into fruition. It is the taking forth of all that we have and awakening to greater purpose. It is also the rune of male sexuality and of transformation. This is done through an awakening of the inner child. The rune also deals with the realization of one’s true will and reason for being. In Thelemic terms, this rune in its highest spiritual sense would represent the Knowledge and Conversation with one’s Holy Guardian Angel. Other runes associated with The Aeon or Judgement trump are Berkanos and Perthro.


Path on the Tree of Life-Path 31-ShinShin Means tooth and this path known as the Continuous Intelligence breaks us out of ourselves and connects us to our purpose in the universe. Shin contains three spiritual yods or points (and resembles a trident). It is the path of dispelling of the final illusions of being separate self-contained beings and shows us our connection to the flow of consciousness that runs through all things. It represents the spiritual renewal that we can gain through our connection to the greater life force. It connects the sephiroth of Hod (“Splendour”) and Malkuth (“The Kingdom”)


When The Aeon card turns up in a reading it may indicate that the querent is feeling a calling towards doing something more or greater in their lives than they have up to this point. It may come after events have shaken up their lives and it is the realization that with new insights that they have, they cannot go on living the same way they have been. The querent may have the idea that a shift has happened and that they need to actualize it in their lives. This can feel earth shattering but empowering as well. These changes will not be easy but there will be a propelling forwards as if once their intent is set out, things will fall into place and at the end of it they will have a new life. The card may also indicate a respite after a very confusing period, one in which the querent can find healing and support.


When reversed, the Aeon’s call is still felt, it is resisted by the querent however. Sometimes this may come from a feeling of unworthiness. It almost always comes from fear. It may be fear of change or it may be fear that one’s new life may not be acceptable to their family or loved ones. The querent may be closing their eyes tightly saying “No, nothing has changed, nothing has changed.” Yet something once seen cannot be unseen and the force of the Aeon is so strong that it has caused changes in how the querent sees themselves and the world around them. Outer change will follow in time no matter how strongly resisted.


Elemental Love


“I guess all that’s left is to love the fire.”
― Norman Mailer


To love the fire
the spark that ignites and consumes
that feeds and inspires
and burns and illuminates.
To love the water
the elixir that fills and encompasses
that soothes and relates
and drowns and nourishes
To love the air
the wind that divides and discerns
that connects and describes
and spreads and communicates
To love the earth
the mother that loves and contains
that holds and feeds
and sustains and cherishes .
The spark of Fire
The wave of water
the breeze of air
the touch of earth
may our spirits unite with them all


Blessings, G


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Harlequin DescentHarlequin Descent by G A Rosenberg


Buddha SunSolar Buddha by G A Rosenberg

Quote of the Day – December 9 2012

“There may be a great fire in our soul, yet no one ever comes to warm himself at it, and the passers-by see only a wisp of smoke.”
― Vincent van Gogh

Who inspires you? At who’s spiritual  fire do you warm yourself knowing that with them you will never freeze? Do you inspire yourself? Do you hope to inspire others? We ALL have fire in our soul. At times it may feel like an extinguishing candle but at other times, sometimes very singular times but at least sometimes, we know ourselves to hold a blowtorch, just waiting for a chance to inspire others and definitely at the very least we all have the ability to self inspire ourselves to never before dreamed of heights.
Blessings, G


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Rays and circles

Journey by G A Rosenberg

Shadows and Flame

Shadows and Flame by G A Rosenberg

Quote of the Day – July 18 2012

“What matters most is how well you walk through the fire”
― Charles Bukowski


I have two pictures in my mind with this quote. One is of people who have not only survived the types of trauma that most of us have to undergo at one time or another in our lives. Tho our trials may differ in nature they have similar intensity. My other image is of fire walkers who walk on burning coals without getting harmed because they know they can do it. Could you imagine how much easier your fires would have been to walk through if you knew ahead of time you could do it? I feel totally in awe of what some people I know have survived. Some of them have been broken by trauma and others have been made magnificent.
Blessings, G


Maggie Drawn by G A Rosenberg


Neon Rose by G A Rosenberg

Ace of Wands – Redux

The Dragon seed glows within me.
Inspiration from the dawn of time
Filling me with ideas and power
almost beyond my capacity to bear
I will take up the wand
and channel all that I receive
transmute and transmit
sending it outward
The fire rises within me
ever growing growing
until it spills forth
in creative ecstasy
Something new enters the world
In the distance, a star glows
— G A Rosenberg (2010)

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Ace of Wands by G A Rosenberg

Quote of the Day – September 23 2011

“O! for a muse of fire, that would ascend the brightest heaven of invention.”
–William Shakespeare

Patterns shifting
mind exploding
colours lifting
soul takes flight

time expanding
i contracting
flame burning with
purple light

spirit traveling
love emerging
shift hapenning
feels alright =)
— G A Rosenberg

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Fire  Rock Mandala by G A Rosenberg