Jamais Vu


“There’s an opposite to déjà vu. They call it jamais vu. It’s when you meet the same people or visit places, again and again, but each time is the first. Everybody is always a stranger. Nothing is ever familiar.”

—Chuck Palahniuk


I’ve never seen that
look in your eyes
or that colour
Your touch is so new
and so adored
how have I missed that before.
Our bodies explore
each other’s touch
has anything felt so rare?
Your smile, your gasp
music I’ve missed
throughout all my affairs
You are new and different
and to my delight
you seem to feel the same
Each night we meet
for the first time
and for the first time we share
after fifty years of marriage
each other’s premiere.
— G A Rosenberg


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Lightning in a Mirrored MatrixLightning in a Mirrored Matrix by G A Rosenberg


PisceanPiscean by G A Rosenberg


Quote of the Day – December 16 2011

“It may seem difficult at first, but everything is difficult at first.”
–Miyamoto Musashi

So true. From things as a child, tying shoelaces, to falling in love, to ending a relationship, to meditating, to any kind of art or martial form. It feels really hard at first. Also as Dave Sims said “Anything done for the first time unleashes a demon” Inner demons released by practice..Then with persistence and practice it becomes easier. Slowly we learn, sometimes faster depending on how much we need the ability or knowledge and how much we have played in that area.
Namaste. -GAR

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Exploration by G A Rosenberg

Words Unspoken, Galaxies Unexplored by G A Rosenberg