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Quote of the Day – April 29 2012

“Think of the future as a series of pictures of yourself. Each picture portrays a different you, much as an actor changes his guise with makeup and mannerism. Each of these future lives in the time ahead of us just as our neighbours live in the space around us. Each friendly “neighbour” calls to us, perhaps over the backyard fence or on the telephone and invites us over. We must choose whom to visit.”
–Fred Alan Wolf

Sometimes when looking for the right quote for the day I luck out. I usually look for something that either reflects the pictures I am putting up, something I really want to write about or something that just blows me away. In the case of tonight’s quote definitely the latter. I often play the game in my head where I go back in time and talk to a younger version of myself wondering what I might say. Usually rather than advice on what to do, its some version of “Hang in there, it may be messier than you think but it will also be wilder, happier and much more joyous.” Then again, while there are many things I would change in this world, most of them involving ending or lessening the suffering of others, there is very little in my life that I would change. Even the most disastrous pain filled times have taught me, some of them lessons I have yet to fully learn but others I have and I regret none of them. I have been blessed with a life that I am truly grateful to every deity for.
However what about my future possible selves? Which one of them i manifest tomorrow is totally up to the choices I make now. The question is who do I want to see looking back at me when I look over the fence? It gives me pause for sure.
Blessings, G

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