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Quote of the Day – February 8 2012

“‎”Convictions are more dangerous foes of truth than lies.”
— Friedrich Nietzsche

I believe I’ve mentioned before how attractive I find people with conviction to be. People who believe that they know how the universe works and move along that path, never swaying. Lately I’ve begun to realize that there was an attraction but also a bit of fear and anxiety mixed in. Of late I have watched repeatedly people of conviction challenged by questions, not even opposing viewpoints but questions and instead of taking time to think of an answer or even discus the matter, this group of people dedicated to living in the heart and acting from love went into a feeding frenzy mode that would do any group of sharks proud. They tear into their victims, with derision, mockery and accusations of anything from possession to downright evil intent. Then they would congratulate each other on how non-judgemental and loving they were. It seemed that they did not show judgement on the other person. They discerned them. After all, everyone knows that judgement is a no-no. Apparently discernment is ok. Ah, a rose by any other name…
Without conviction, without absolute certainty in one’s own beliefs, can heresy be possible? How can you reconcile it with Ken Wilber’s belief that “Everyone is right”? Also how can one grow and change if alternative views get shut down? I believe in examining my beliefs as much as possible, to examine what i know now for knowledge from everything I can tell tends to be fluid and absolute truth at least on this level of reality a mathematical limit that one can approach ever closer without ever grocking it completely. Tho I also realize that I too have had and still have some sacred cows and when I feel them challenged I too can be somewhat irrational. Strange tho, I do realize during my more lucid moments that they are my cherished beliefs and like everything else in the book inside my head, may be wrong.

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Chamber by G A Rosenberg

Lime Star by G A Rosenberg