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Inspiration – A list


“For instance, someone who watches the stars in the sky assumes that they are millions of light-years away from him. Yet, the stars are right inside himself, at the center of vision of his brain. While you watch this film, you are, in truth, not inside the room you assume yourself to be in. On the contrary, the room is inside you. Your seeing your body makes you think that you are inside of it. However, you must remember that your body, too, is an image formed inside your brain.”
— Harun Yahya


Things That Inspire Me:

  • Music- the genre doesn’t seem to matter but songs that have certain qualities at certain times
  • Colour – colour combination, such as those found in campfires and sunsets and certain flowers, skies and eyes.
  • People-Whether at their most ridiculous or most heroic or most despairing. So many I carry with me in my mind and heart.
  • Animals-Some of my deepest wisdom or what passes for it has come from four legged family members.
  • Art and Literature – Both have given me so much.
  • Imagination-Our purest gift from our own spirits.

The list could go on with many specifics in each category. Somewhere there is an opposite list of things that cause me to lose hope and oddly enough, the categories on that list would not be so very different. We carry a world of contradictions inside of us as well as a world of joy, despair and the spectrum in between.
Blessings, G


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