Hanging On and Letting Go


“All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.”
— Havelock Ellis


Holding on to memories of how you were
Clinging to a happier past
So hard to recognize the truth
that happiness doesn’t always last
Giving in to wider understanding
seeing things I didn’t want to know
Your slipping away into the darkness
and I can’t stand that your light won’t show.


Giving up the last of my resistance
I realize nothing’s as it seems
You are battling your demons for you
its nightmares and not dreams
Wanting so to help you in your struggles
knowing that I cannot win this fight
Every day you recede into the distance
and there’s no way to make it right


Digging in to try and find the courage
to find the strength to give you what you need
The time for words has passed us in the distance
Now I must show my love by horrifying deed
Letting go of futures that I dreamed of
Dealing with what is happening now
Steeling myself for new tomorrows
If you hate me I’ll make it through somehow
— G A Rosenberg


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Neon Bird in FlightNeon Bird in Flight by G A Rosenberg


Spider's Nest AbstractSpiders’ Nest Abstract by G A Rosenberg