Tarot Post – Prince of Swords


Prince / Knight of Swords (Air of Air)


Prince of SwordsPrince of Swords by G A Rosenberg


Mercurial Knight
Ready to fight with words or sword
takes on all comers


Oh yeah?
Well what about..?
I see how you can say that
but have you considered this?
There is no idea you can propose
in any direction
that I cannot conquer
Go ahead
Challenge me in any way
I can win any contest
but empathy
What use is that?
I have the life of the mind
which is a higher pursuit
Your feelings are almost
as meaningless as my own.
Don’t make me feel
This has gone on long enough
I never stay long
especially when people prattle
about things like pain or love
On to the next match.


The suit of Swords represents thought, ideas, plans and conflicts. Princes deal with the transmission and the endurance of the energy, the result of the union of the King’s Force and the Queen’s generative and nurturing of the energy. The Prince of Swords is ready to engage and discuss any viewpoint and show others exactly how they’ve gotten it wrong. He is courageous ever willing to charge into the fray to fight for what is right. He tends to put such a great amount of force into every action that he may lack staying power after the initial thrusts. He is often unaware of the affect his words and actions may have on others and can become quite puzzled when something he has said or done to champion his current cause or argument has hurt his ‘opponent’. After all was he not in fact cutting through their misapprehension and showing them the error of their ways?
In his mind they should be thanking him. But then the Prince of Swords not wishing to deal with his own emotional nature can be quite blind to the emotions of others.


Astrological Correspondence: 21° Capricorn – 20° Aquarius Elemental: Air of Air – Combine the ambition and accomplishment ethic of Capricorn with the creative intellectual and communicative abilities of Capricorn and you have someone who can intellectually convince anyone of anything. They are witty and argumentative and intensely competitive. For them winning may become everything and since they are not burdened with an excess of empathy how they play the game may be somewhat less important. This is somewhat modified by the fact that they do have an acute intellectual understanding of ethical considerations.


I Ching Correspondence: 57)Xun – Proceeding Humbly-

___ ___
___ ___


This hexagram is comprised by the trigram for the Wind being doubled. The breeze when it gently persists offers the most pleasant of weather. Often victory can be had by constant and easy persuasion rather than running roughshod over everything in our path. When we can learn to tailor our path so that it penetrates and encompasses the paths of those we come across then we can win them to our point of view. In this way with humility we help them feel understood even tho we may disagree with them.


When the Prince of Swords turns up in a reading, it may mean that we are feeling criticized or critiqued in our lives at present. Someone is challenging us directly in a fairly blunt way. Do we accept their criticism, testing it against our own perceptions in an open way or do we fight back. The Prince of Swords suggests that it is best to face this criticism head on in a non-arrogant way, explaining our point of view gently but firmly. The card may also mean that we have been too passive in the face of criticism, allowing others to manipulate us by making us feel inadequate. The Prince of Swords may also be suggesting that we have been too critical of others and running roughshod over their feelings. The card may also mean depending on its placement that there is bad news in the offering.


The Prince of Swords reversed may represent someone who charges all over the place, looking for conflict and dragging others into it. He (or she) may be highly manipulative of others using their own emotional natures against them. He leaps without ever looking and charges headlong into situations like a bull in a china shop rather than using any forethought or perception. It may represent a relationship ending in an abrupt surprising way. The card may mean that it is time to go it alone for awhile m taking stock of where we are in our lives at this time. This card reversed may also indicate delays in travels. The reversed Prince of Swords may also represent someone untrustworthy who has entered into our lives.


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Tarot Post – Ten of Cups


Ten of Cups (Satiety )


G`Ten of Cups (Revised) by G A Rosenberg


Joy is in the house
Love and happiness in tune
Celebrations start.


here with you
with them
is everything I ever dreamed
and carried inside of me
I’ve been swept by a wave of expression
in beauty
with you
What else could I dream for
or hope for
or yearn for
For what should I strive?
I was told
that I could live my dreams
with work and perseverance
and here we are
Life has filled me to the brim
No hunger from the past
remains unsatisfied


The suite of Cups deal with our emotional nature including love, both that as in a relationship between two (and rarely more) people and that of friends and companions. Tens show the ultimate completion of the energy involved leading ultimately to a new beginning. The Ten of Cups shows the complete fulfilment of our emotions. We have everything we may have wished for in our lives and everything that we believed would fulfill us in terms of family life and appreciation of the beauty around us. We feel as if we’ve been touched by grace. However, satisfaction in one area of our lives is not the same as self-actualization and there is that in us which strives for more than ‘Happily ever after’. Eventually this satiation will yield to a hunger for something greater.


Astrological Correspondence – Mars in Pisces – This energy is quiet almost passive seeming to have no wants and a willingness to go along with whatever it encounters. Its not that it has no wants as that its wants are fleeting things, momentary itches as opposed to burns and easily sublimated to the happiness of others around it. However if these desires are too often frustrated without any outlet, this energy may respond in a passive-agressive manner. Quite often Mars in Pisces can be quite scattered if it does not have some form of higher purpose or deeper meaning inspiring it and giving it purpose. This energy quite often desires nothing more than a total merging with another.


I Ching Correspondence – 58) Dui – Joyful

___ ___
___ ___


The trigram of the Lake is doubled. Two lakes that run together constantly refresh each other. People in harmony and joy do the same especially when each of them keep bringing new things to the table in order for there to be further growth and greater understanding and yes continued joy. If there is nothing new fed into the situation than even combined bodies of water will stagnate. Joy is not an end result as much as it is a new springboard.


The Ten of Cups in a reading can show that this is a time of harmony and enjoyment particularly in the areas of love, relationships and family. This often comes as a culmination of a long series of events. This care may also hold the promise for this type of fulfilling relationship. The Ten of Cups may also indicate that there is a commitment and marriage in the offering. This card may indicate a need to take the surface enjoyment of love and family and use it as a springboard to a new level of awareness.


When the Ten of Cups turns up reversed in a reading, it can mean that something is blocking the happiness shown in the card. Perhaps we have developed a problem with how we related to our loved ones and family. Perhaps we feel like we have lost the ‘closeness’ we once had or that there is something lacking in our life that we need to pursue separately from the family unit. The card reversed may also mean that we are neglecting our family in pursuit of material or other goals. It is often a call to introspect and discover what our values are or have become.

Card of the Day – December 4 2009 – Queen of Cups

I walked with her to her apartment, She invited me in. We waked to her living room. She guided my steps as she followed close behind, her hand gently motioning the way.
It seemed she could listen for hours and understand my entire being as each part was accepted and absorbed into those deep grey eyes of hers.
Even tho I felt her comprehension, I had no knowledge of what she felt about it all, only that there were dephs there I could never fathom. Gazing at her was like looking into a mirror of my soul but who knew what lay behind that silvered glass.

Water of Water
21° Gemini – 20° Cancet

Queen of Cups-Vertigo Tarot

I Ching Hexagram 58 – TUI
The Joyous Lake
____ ____
____ ____

True joy rests on strength within — the top lines (this is a doubled trigram Tui, the lake on top of Tui the lake) yields to the inner stronger lines. Outward joy and gentleness must be based on steadfastness outwardly

Queen of Cups. So many different interpretations of that card and that fits because by her nature she mirrors what is in front of her at least on the surface. She will give you back what you show her and rarely let you see the depths below. Make no mistake they are there. She carries everything that she ever encountered. If she has been wounded she holds that beneath her surface and that may erupt. If she has known love, that is what you will find. Enormous strength almost always held in reserve, it is nearly impossible to deplete her tho she can feel used up.
Reversed you see someone as fickle as the sea and as potentially tempestuous, she has seen pain and returns it, she can be vindictive and relentless

The third decan of Gemini gives a socially innovative and trusting element to the card. Also one of purpose. The first two decans of Cancer add a strong touch of both Empathy and Unpredictability. Thus again going back to water, as there is a very fluid quality to all three of these decans, someone who can move socially within all circles, being able to pick up on other’s emotions often with unpredictable results.