Bean Stalks and Rabbit Holes – A Consciousness Stream


“You just don’t want to push people into doing things that they really don’t want to do. I don’t think it’s going to produce much.”
— William Scott


I refuse to fear the unknown. I may ponder the unanswerable questions from different angles but I refuse to jump to paranoia. Too often I have found that basic human ignorance (I do not say stupidity because I have found too many ways in which I am stupid or at least ignorant. What is stupidity after all but ignorance we cling to unnecessarily?) accounts for much more of the problems that plague us than any kind of evil intent. I don’t mind confusion and I enjoy mystery and paradox but fear is way too itchy and I never seem to be able to wear it well. Certainty is another style that I can’t seem to pull off but then that could be seen as indulging in uncertainty which perhaps I do. I am a master at second guessing as there always seem to be more angles to look at and yes I have fun looking at them all. It might not make for fast decisions yet I have always enjoyed the kaleidoscopic crossroads view. Then again if little is certain than that makes for very many unknowns. Caves of reality that cry out to be explored. But then there are always bean stalks to climb and rabbit holes to jump down.
Ever notice something about those old fairy tale devices the bean stalk and the rabbit hole? They are lovely sexual metaphors. They are the yin and the yang and the one and the 0. Jack climbs his stalk and discovers giants while Alice falls down her hole and fights evil queens alongside Mad Hatters and Rabbits. Dorothy’s cyclone and the closet to Narnia have similar Freudian aspects to them. Says a lot for the power of sexual energy and the ways in which we explore both fantasy and existence.
So I will continue to explore and look at things my own peculiar way and through poetry art and rambles like this share my explorations with you.
Blessings, G


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Spin OutSpin Out by G A Rosenberg


Balanced in the StormBalanced in the Storm by G A Rosenberg

Letting the Feelings Flow Through


“Nature is playful and terrible. Some see the playful side and dally with it and let it sparkle. Others see the horror and cover their heads and are more dead than alive. The way does not lead between both, but embraces both. It is both cheerful play and cold horror.”
— Carl Jung


Resist not your feelings
Your nature is wild and strong
The times that you are raging
you’re only withstanding the storm
Don’t hide your head neath the covers
feel them with all of your might
the storm that’s intense will pass by you
leaving behind peaceful night


Emotions are just like our weather
clear skies and cloudy mixed in
No use whining or complaining
by the time we’re done, a change has come in.


I once was an uptight bastard
bottling up all my rage
I felt like some wild creature
was trapped in my steel-headed cage
I finally got bored with my anger
my sorrow and feeling alone
I now let the feelings flow through me
not a one am I required to own.
— G A Rosenberg


A bit of doggerel on an evening where I have been awake too many hours with too little sleep. Tho feeling it a bit as a song. Jung’s quote talks about coexisting with nature rather than hiding from it. I have long seen my emotions as being similar to weather patterns. If I acknowledge the negative emotions that come up and let them pass through, it can be liberating. It’s when I try to clamp down on anger or hurt or sorrow that I start to feel trapped. Eventually I end up clamping down so far that I get a case of mental constipation, the shit has no way of coming out.
That doesn’t mean I have to lash out at anyone or punch walls, it just means that I have to acknowledge my anger or frustration. I witness it, witness how it manifests and then go on to other things. With practice, it becomes easier. Since I have started doing this, my stomach hurts less and I get way less stress and sinus headaches. I feel more clear-headed and can better handle whatever has caused the stress in the first place. Of course having my art as an outlet doesn’t hurt either.
Blessings, G


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Will Rise in FlamesWill Rise in Flames by G A Rosenberg


Holding It All TogetherHolding It All Together by G A Rosenberg