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Page of Pentacles (Earth of Earth)


Page of PentaclesPage of Pentacles by G A Rosenberg


The seed is planted.
Youth believes it can become
almost anything.


I found a giant seed
so colourful, its texture
smooth here, rough there
I study it fascinated
I will nurture the plant
that grows, learning how
to tend to its needs
as I learn to tend to mine
I will embody its strength
and will to manifest
as we both become what we may
a seed sprouting
into a mighty presence.


Note: As with all of the court cards, tho I may use the male pronoun, the card can easily refer to either male or female.


The suit of Pentacles refers to the element of Earth and of practical matters such as money and partnerships both of a business nature and of the home. They can also represent nature, the Earth itself as well as our bodies. Pages (or Princesses as they are called in many decks) represent the grounding or emergence of the energy involved. The Page of Pentacles encounters his own nature, both sensual and as part of the world. He studies the disk, open to all its lessons and wishing to learn everything he can to prepare himself for everything the world has to offer. At this stage the possibilities are endless for anyone truly open and there is awareness that the more preparation and knowledge (whether it is experiential, intuitive or learned) he has the more of his potential he can realize. He senses his own endless potential and seed-like nature. He dreams of what may come from his studies and encounters and knows that he can manifest anything of which he dreams.


I Ching Correspondence – 52) Kên – Keeping Still

___ ___
___ ___
___ ___
___ ___


The Trigram of the Mountain is doubled. There is an incredible stillness to Mountains yet all form of activity may be happening below the surface and eventually life may manifest abundantly upon it. This hexagram speaks a lot about learning one’s own nature before having greater involvement with the outside world. It is an influence of meditation and study. It also speaks of seeing everything new as if it were the first time it was encountered. When we see things in this way then we free ourselves from preconceptions and are more open to the present moment.


When the Page of Pentacles turns up in a reading, we may have started a new course of study or apprenticeship that we are excited about. It is a time of learning and of growth. It may also be a time when we need to still ourselves and discover new potentials within. It is a time of taking the first steps towards realizing the plans and dreams that we’ve carried within.The Page of Pentacles may represent a young person, somewhat dreamy who has a particular area that they wish to learn more about. The Page of Pentacles may also mean positive news on the financial front. It may also mean that the time has come to start actualizing the potential that we’ve held in check.


The reversed Page of Pentacles may mean that we feel blocked in the manifestation of our plans. It may mean that we have not yet put forth the work needed to actualize our dreams. It can also refer to to much of a focus on short term enjoyment of things rather than making future plans. The Page of Pentacles can also be telling us that we have completed our course of study and now we are ready for a break.

Tarot Post – Prince of Pentacles


Prince / Knight of Pentacles (Air of Earth)


Prince of PentaclesPrince of Pentacles by G A Rosenberg


The land’s protector
shows us all life is sacred.
We can live in peace.


Step by step
I carry on.
I know my path
and I will see it through
This routine is
but one step
and I can see the top.
I’ll follow as
so many have
this road to my future
Let others dream
but they count on me
to be steady
as they cannot.
They fall by the wayside
where I cannot be stopped
When i reach my destination
I will be the one they ask
for I stayed true.


The suit of Pentacles refers to the element of Earth and of practical matters such as money and partnerships both of a business nature and of the home. They can also represent nature, the Earth itself as well as our bodies. Princes deal with the transmission and the endurance of the energy, the result of the union of the King’s Force and the Queen’s generative and nurturing of the energy. When it comes to practical matters, the Prince of Pentacles is the “go to” member of the court cards. He can follow a game plan and will get it done. He does not like thinking abstractly and probably will become quite irritated if you try to engage him in intellectual conversation yet if you contracted him to paint your house or fix your car or any one of a number of day to day matters, he will follow through on it and get the job done. It may feel at times as if he is too cautious and methodical but that is because in his mind, if he is going to do something, he is going to do it right. He can be quite stubborn but in general tends to be fairly easy-going. Tho when he does lose his temper, it is best to get out of the way. He loves nature and is at his best when he can be out in open spaces.


Astrological Correspondence: 21° Aries – 20° Taurus Elemental: Air of Earth-
This energy combines the Aries drive and push with Taurus caution and practicality which moves people forward but at a very slow steady pace. Those with this energy tend to love to learn new things and put what they have learned to use. They tend to be friendly and outgoing and love to be helpful in practical matters. They have very strong wills and won’t back down easily. They know how to have fun and they have a strong taste for life’s pleasures. They are highly success motivated and a strong desire to enjoy the things that money can buy.


I Ching Correspondence – 53) Chien – Gradual Progress / Development –

___ ___
___ ___
___ ___


The trigram for Wood is over that of the Mountain. When a tree grows, it influences all the life surrounding it. It does not sprout up and send out roots overnight but does it over time gradually. When we wish to accomplish something, it is best to proceed gradually as opposed to a lot of short starts and stops. Perseverance and patience are also needed as when things progress slowly but steadily, its all too easy to let them fall by the wayside if progress is not immediately recognized. </h4?

When the Prince of Pentacles comes up in a reading, it may be telling us that is time to be practical and not to rush into anything as tempting as it may be. The card may also represent someone in our lives who can help us accomplish something of great practical use. He knows how to work hard and get things done but always remembers to have fun and enjoy life afterwards. The Prince of Pentacles may also be telling us that it is time to ground ourselves by getting out in nature. Another meaning can be that it is time to find more appreciation and enjoyment in our lives and the paths we have chosen.


The Prince of Pentacles reversed in a reading may indicate that things have grown stale for us and that we crave something that will break us out of our routine. A project that we have been working on may have come to a standstill and we need some impetus to get it moving again. There may also be a need for thinking outside the box a bit and having more flexibility. The reversed Prince of Pentacles may also refer to someone in our lives who cannot move beyond their fixed view of things. The card may also mean someone may have become over-indulgent, more focused on partying than getting the job done.

Tarot Post – Queen of Pentacles


Queen of Pentacles (Water of Earth)


Queen of PentaclesQueen of Pentacles by G A Rosenberg


Lady of the maize
Everything is born from you
Centred Creation


Mother’s love nourishes the seed
and feed us so we can thrive
She provides our needs
and dreams of better lives


Joy in life she teaches
she guides us in the dance
We her children know of love
we’ve seen in it in her glance


Her heart provides her knowledge
More than book or class ever could
Her dreams have taught her what she needs
to guide us through her woods


Lift your cup and toast her well
our mother of the Earth
She has seen and loved it all
and has shown us its worth.



The suit of Pentacles refers to the element of Earth and of practical matters such as money and partnerships both of a business nature and of the home. They can also represent nature, the Earth itself as well as our bodies. Queens are the receptive and nurturing form of the energy.The Queen of Pentacles cares and nurtures life and has a strong maternal nature. She is sensual and lush, intuitive and instinctive and has a strong connection with the Earth and is best when surrounded by nature. She loves to provide sustenance for others and is usually known for her cooking skills. She tends not to be intellectual or well-read but she has never found that a lack as she knows what she needs to know when she needs it. The Queen of Pentacles tends to be reflective, ever bringing the internal outward to best take care of the life around her.


Astrological Correspondence – Astrological Correspondence: 21° Sagittarius – 20° Capricorn Elemental: Water of Earth- The energy here becomes a mix of Sagittarius intuition and creativity with Capricorn’s warmth, power and stoicism. The people represented by this energy are loyal and dependable and give everything they can to provide for others. Their advice tends to be more of a practical rather than an intellectual nature.They may become depleted at times especially when they are out of their natural element or when their bounty is taken for granted with no appreciation returned. When their gifts are acknowledged and appreciated they become a constant cornucopia of sustenance and support.


I Ching Correspondence – 31) Hsien – Influence / Wooing –

___ ___
___ ___
___ ___


The Trigram of the Lake is over that of the Mountain. The water of the lake is quieted and serene by the influence of the mountain. In turn, the moisture of the lake sustains the mountain causing life to spread and expand. It is a constant meditative mutual seduction. This hexagram speaks of having a calm still nature within and a joyous happy exterior. It cautions us to hold onto our still centre when we deal with others and not let any influence slip by which seeks to alter our own true selves. It may not be the fault of the person influencing as they may be acting according to their will or being but the combination may not be a good one.


Quite often when the Queen of Pentacles turns up in a reading, she represents someone who has cared and provided for us in ways that we were not able to do for ourselves. She has a loving caring nature and a strong creative element and is very helpful. This care is freely given. She may also be very sensual and somewhat indulgent with a wonderful sense of humour. It may also represent a time when we are providing for others and are enjoying and appreciating our ability to be of use. The card may be telling us that things are going well in our lives and that we have few wants and to recognize the nurturing of others that have brought us here. This card upright almost always represents a time of enjoyment and well-being.


The Reversed Queen of Pentacles may refer to someone who feels that they are out of their element and are not sure how to proceed. They lack confidence in the given situation and may need to be reminded of what their strengths are and how to utilize them in the situation. This card may also refer to us feeling this way and be suggesting that we connect more with our true selves to see whether this is indeed the right situation for us to be in. It may represent a time when we need to get into nature to ground ourselves. The card may also refer to a time when we have been spending so much time caring for others that we have neglected our own health and or home environment

Tarot Post – King of Pentacles


King of Pentacles (Fire of Earth)


KIng of Pentacles (N)King of Pentacles (Revision) by G A Rosenberg


Wise leader of men
You teach us to tend the earth
Who can know your heart?


Welcome to my home
Surrounded by woods
we can walk in nature
with no neighbours to disturb us
Yes my garden is beautiful
and the landscaping the best.
They work hard
as I have
to get where I am.
Oh luck has been there as well
but I’ve played the game well.
Come inside! Enjoy!
That’s what its all there for.
Can you make our guest a drink?
Sit down and relax
Now hold a minute while I take this call.
— G A Rosenberg


The suit of Pentacles refers to the element of Earth and of practical matters such as money and partnerships both of a business nature and of the home. They can also represent nature, the Earth itself as well as our bodies. Kings are the leaders, the shakers, the initiatory force or person that get things moving. The King of Pentacles is a provider and source of the material. He is the patriarchal businessman who has achieved his success and now wants to help others do the same. He is solid and stable and very aware of both what he has and how he got it. He has weathered many storms and has shown courage in the face of adversity and yet his adventures have mainly been in the business arena. He has social position and wields it in a very relaxed fashion.
The King of Pentacles knows how to enjoy and take pleasure in what he has rather than feeling the need to explore things in depth. He enjoys nature and the outdoors tho he is more for walking in his fields and gardens rather than exploring paths unseen. He is generous of spirit yet finds pleasure in his interior life without the need to go deeper into that as well. He is at his worst when frustrated in his desires to rise to his natural place.


Astrological Correspondence – Astrological Correspondence: 21° Leo – 20° Virgo Elemental: Fire of Earth – Mixes the self-confidence and leadership drive of the third decan Leo with the generosity, discipline, and focus of the first two decans of Virgo and success is almost inevitable. People who are influence by this energy are at their best once they have achieved this success wielding in a very natural fashion the discipline and charisma that got them there. They are fantastic organizers and care for people around them both in the general philanthropic sense but also on the one-to-one level. They may be late-bloomers tho they utilize everything that they have encountered on the way to bring them to the top.


I Ching Correspondence – 62) Hsiao Kwo – Preponderance of the Small –

___ ___
___ ___
___ ___
___ ___


The Trigram for Thunder is over that of the Mountain. — Thunder is louder when it is in the mountains as the sound echoes and more focus and attention on detail is needed to avoid landslides and lightning. This Hexagram recommends that success comes when attention is focused on details rather than on large grandiose stunts. There is a hint in here of the story of Icarus who with his wax wings attempted to fly into the sun only to have them melt. The flight itself was an amazing success. Thus if the focus is on step by step achievement of what is possible than success is sure to follow. With attention to right action at the right time, everything is possible.


The King of Pentacles in a reading may often signify someone in a position of power who can help us either financially or with strong practical advice. This person may be found either in the board room or out in nature. He may be someone who is remote or difficult to know but who can be counted on. The card may also mean that play time is over and it is time to attend to practical matters in a detailed and disciplined way. The King of Cups may also mean it is time to enjoy our carnal sensuous side more, almost in a work hard and play hard kind of way. The card often refers to a need to find more enjoyment in every area of our lives as what we enjoy and pay attention to thrives.


The King of Pentacles reversed may indicate someone who feels inaccessible to us whom we were counting on to help. It may represent either someone who is thwarted in their ambitions and has become bitter and resentful or may represent this quality in ourselves. The reversed King of Pentacles may refer to someone who has developed a drinking problem. It may also refer to someone who’s empathy is too deep and has given way to despair.

Tarot Post – Page of Swords


Page / Princess of Swords (Earth of Air)


Page of SwordsPage of Swords (Revised) by G A Rosenberg


“Teach me” the child said.
I explained a new idea
He then made it real.


I’m going to make it happen
No one has thought of this before
It seems so obvious
and it’s up to me
to make it real.
I am watchful
Ain’t nobody can take away
an idea who’s time has come.
From me it will spread to others
until it lives and breathes
on its own.
I know I can do this
and I will not be stopped.
For so long unnoticed
I’ve watched them all
of what their lives have become
and how cheaply they’ve been sold
Now my plan will carry them.
Whatever it takes
This is happening.


The suit of Swords represents thought, ideas, plans and conflicts.Pages (or Princesses as they are called in many decks) represent the grounding or emergence of the energy involved. What happens when a new idea is born into the world full blown like Minerva, the goddess of wisdom in Greek mythology springing from the forehead of Zeus? There is a thrill of discovery and great enthusiasm to make it a reality. We want everyone to understand and utilize this new thought of ours. We become watchful, ready to take on any challenges or objections that may arise on the way to making our new thought a reality. We may also find ourselves vigilant to make sure someone else doesn’t come along and do it wrong. We move quickly because who knows how long our energy may last or whether we are equal to the task?
The Page of Swords is perceptive and intuitive and full of flashes of insight that he feels the need to make manifest. He may lack the maturity to make it happen however. He may at his worse have trouble finding the right words to express all that he has to say. He may be over-defensive and may find himself answering challenges with way too much contempt for those whom he feels just do not get it.


I Ching Correspondence – 18) Ku – Decay / Repair

___ ___
___ ___
___ ___


The trigram of the Mountain is over that of Wind. Air trapped inside a mountain range stagnates and there may be a need of a fresh breeze. When any process has gone on too long in the same way it stagnates. Ideas that were innovative in their time give way to expediency and stagnation. Unwatched, even ideals that have led to freedom may have in their turn become even more imprisoning. There arises a constant need to weed out old ideas that no longer serve us and lock us into patterns of behaviour that have grown destructive. It helps us to be open to new viewpoints and paradigms that we can test and adapt. In this way we can continue to grow and evolve.


When the Page of Swords turns up in a reading it often has to do with the need to speak our truth even though we may expect opposition. It may refer to a younger person in our environment who is bright and perceptive but who may be dismissed because of their youth. The card may also refer to news which we may resist because it has the potential to shake up our comfortable lives. The Page of Swords may also refer to someone who has taken an interest in our lives and is trying to learn more about us. It may also be telling us to clear our minds and consider our approach before we try to communicate our ideas.


The reversed Page of Swords may be telling us that we have become too hyper-vigilant and that we are jumping at shadows, seeing opposition everywhere. Too often there is a tendency to use perceived obstacles as an excuse to not move ahead in our lives. It may also be telling us that we or someone in our environment is either talking or acting without thinking things through. The card may also indicate that we have become too fearful of expressing ourselves either because we have not thought things through first or because we are unprepared.

Tarot Post – Prince of Swords


Prince / Knight of Swords (Air of Air)


Prince of SwordsPrince of Swords by G A Rosenberg


Mercurial Knight
Ready to fight with words or sword
takes on all comers


Oh yeah?
Well what about..?
I see how you can say that
but have you considered this?
There is no idea you can propose
in any direction
that I cannot conquer
Go ahead
Challenge me in any way
I can win any contest
but empathy
What use is that?
I have the life of the mind
which is a higher pursuit
Your feelings are almost
as meaningless as my own.
Don’t make me feel
This has gone on long enough
I never stay long
especially when people prattle
about things like pain or love
On to the next match.


The suit of Swords represents thought, ideas, plans and conflicts. Princes deal with the transmission and the endurance of the energy, the result of the union of the King’s Force and the Queen’s generative and nurturing of the energy. The Prince of Swords is ready to engage and discuss any viewpoint and show others exactly how they’ve gotten it wrong. He is courageous ever willing to charge into the fray to fight for what is right. He tends to put such a great amount of force into every action that he may lack staying power after the initial thrusts. He is often unaware of the affect his words and actions may have on others and can become quite puzzled when something he has said or done to champion his current cause or argument has hurt his ‘opponent’. After all was he not in fact cutting through their misapprehension and showing them the error of their ways?
In his mind they should be thanking him. But then the Prince of Swords not wishing to deal with his own emotional nature can be quite blind to the emotions of others.


Astrological Correspondence: 21° Capricorn – 20° Aquarius Elemental: Air of Air – Combine the ambition and accomplishment ethic of Capricorn with the creative intellectual and communicative abilities of Capricorn and you have someone who can intellectually convince anyone of anything. They are witty and argumentative and intensely competitive. For them winning may become everything and since they are not burdened with an excess of empathy how they play the game may be somewhat less important. This is somewhat modified by the fact that they do have an acute intellectual understanding of ethical considerations.


I Ching Correspondence: 57)Xun – Proceeding Humbly-

___ ___
___ ___


This hexagram is comprised by the trigram for the Wind being doubled. The breeze when it gently persists offers the most pleasant of weather. Often victory can be had by constant and easy persuasion rather than running roughshod over everything in our path. When we can learn to tailor our path so that it penetrates and encompasses the paths of those we come across then we can win them to our point of view. In this way with humility we help them feel understood even tho we may disagree with them.


When the Prince of Swords turns up in a reading, it may mean that we are feeling criticized or critiqued in our lives at present. Someone is challenging us directly in a fairly blunt way. Do we accept their criticism, testing it against our own perceptions in an open way or do we fight back. The Prince of Swords suggests that it is best to face this criticism head on in a non-arrogant way, explaining our point of view gently but firmly. The card may also mean that we have been too passive in the face of criticism, allowing others to manipulate us by making us feel inadequate. The Prince of Swords may also be suggesting that we have been too critical of others and running roughshod over their feelings. The card may also mean depending on its placement that there is bad news in the offering.


The Prince of Swords reversed may represent someone who charges all over the place, looking for conflict and dragging others into it. He (or she) may be highly manipulative of others using their own emotional natures against them. He leaps without ever looking and charges headlong into situations like a bull in a china shop rather than using any forethought or perception. It may represent a relationship ending in an abrupt surprising way. The card may mean that it is time to go it alone for awhile m taking stock of where we are in our lives at this time. This card reversed may also indicate delays in travels. The reversed Prince of Swords may also represent someone untrustworthy who has entered into our lives.


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Tarot Post – Queen of Swords


Queen of Swords (Water of Air)


Queen of SwordsQueen of Swords (Revised) by G A Rosenberg


She looked right through me
Could any please her sharp gaze?
When would sad eyes shine?


I first saw her
seated on her throne
clothed only in starlight
Lured by a beauty
that can only be experienced
I approached
At that moment
not only did I loose my heart to her service
but everything until then I
believed myself to be
Nothing did I hold back
and nothing did she leave me
as with the sword of her regard
she began to slice
everything false in my existence
As I dissolve
I cry out
in exquisite being / not
spiritual discorporation.
With her I remain
and continue on…
— G A Rosenberg


The suit of Swords represents thought, ideas, plans and conflicts.Queens are the receptive and nurturing form of the energy. The Queen of Swords combines pain and the wisdom that results from it. She has faced the conflicts and heartaches that life has had to offer and come through it with understanding. She is cutting and she does not suffer fools gladly. She gives very good advice borne out of both experience and a keen perception that pierces through the smoke screens that others have thrown up. The Queen of Swords is also very much her own person. She has little fear of standing out in a crowd and anyone who dares criticize will find themselves quickly cut down by the sharpness of her tongue. Despite her somewhat sarcastic wit, there is a usually a graciousness about the Queen of Swords as if yes she sees our drawbacks but knows what it is to overcome them as well. Only at her worst does the Queen of Swords lose this forbearance and understanding and descend to bitterness.


Astrological Correspondence: 21° Virgo – 20° Libra Elemental: Water of Air – Virgo’s practicality and awareness and Libra’s love of beauty combine to give this individual a strong sense of appreciation of the aesthetic. They are able to perceive what is worthwhile in everybody and go out of their way to elicit it. They are very helpful and self aware to a fault and find themselves wounded often when either their regard is not returned or when their humour and help are unappreciated. These individuals tend to be very charismatic and attractive tho they tend to take on the problems of others way too easily and may take life too seriously a good deal of the time.


I Ching Correspondence: 28) Ta Kao – Preponderance of the Great –

___ ___
___ ___


The Trigram of the Lake is over that of Wood – This hexagram talks about times when things feel out of balance and we must stand apart from the world and recommends the attitudes to have during these times. The Tree (Wood) stands tall even when it is solitary and the lake stands in joyous (another name for the trigram Tui is joyousness) reflection whether there is someone to enjoy it or not. Likewise when we feel that the world has become too much for us, we need to contain both that steadfastness and belief in ourselves as well as the inner joyousness of the lake. How much better it is to realize our need for solitude and to embody those qualities rather than having to retreat depressed and bitter?


When the Queen of Swords shows up in a reading, it might mean that it is time for us to express what we see in an honest and clear fashion rather than beating around the bush. It may also refer to someone in our environment who is that blunt and forthright. She (or he) may seem unfeeling but in reality she sees that we have been sugarcoating things for way too long. Indeed not only does she feel but she feels deeply and this has given her the insight to see into the heart of the matter. The Queen of Swords knows what its like to be hurt and to come through it healed but scarred. What have we learned from our wounds? How have we come through them?
The Queen of Swords may also either a need to withdraw emotionally from the situation or someone who is doing so in our environment.


The Queen of Swords reversed can be someone who has been hurt by life and is very very bitter. She (or he) may tear down everything in their environment because they wish the world to feel the pain that they are feeling. Alternatively they may carry it all inside and poison themselves from the inside (this often expresses as many different degenerative illnesses). This card can also represent someone who is overwhelmed by past sorrow and can not bring themselves to enjoy the present moment.


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Tarot Post – King of Swords


King of Swords (Fire of Air)


King of Swords (Fixed)King of Swords (Revised) by G A Rosenberg


Wisest of Judges–
You bravely make the choices
that others run from


Playing Chess with the King
Being taught the art of war
with no mercy
He shows me how the pieces move
and how to set the board
and maneuver
He suggests things to look for
and avoid
then defeats me each time
He lives for the battle
and the game.
Ever ready to compete
with full force

The suit of Swords represents thought, ideas, plans and conflicts. Kings are the leaders, the shakers, the initiatory force or person that get things moving. The King of Swords is a great military commander and an insightful strategist. As shrewd as he is tho, he is a man of action and will often bring his full intensity to bear on whatever cause has most recently gathered his attention. His impulse is to act with thought as opposed to reflect and then act, an important distinction. He is a shrewd judge of character and offers great advice on practical matters such as business and law. He tends to have a strong moral code and does well as long as he does not find himself in a situation where he has to act contrary to it. Consider Javert in Les Miserables. As long as he is convinced that is is correct in his pursuit of Jean Valjean then he is able to continue his pursuit unceasingly. However when he is forced to question his own sense of right and wrong, he cannot survive it. The King of Swords also has strong debating skills with a mastery of language use.


Astrological Correspondence: 21° Taurus – 20° Gemini Elemental: Fire of Air – Taurean rigidity and steadfastness mixed with Gemini’s sociability and interest in communication makes for a very dynamic combination. This individual will want to test himself against any new idea or concept that comes his way not because he is open to changing his viewpoint as to prove that what he believes can hold its own against any comers. He has a strong drive to succeed in every endeavour but to bring as many others along for the ride as possible. At his best he is a loyal and steadfast friend. At his worst he is a harsh martinet who will place his standards and moral code above that of friendship.


I Ching Correspondence: 32)Hêng-Duration

___ ___
___ ___
___ ___


The trigram for Thunder is over that of the Wind. Thunder and Wind are often thought of as going together and this hexagram likewise indicates a long enduring relationship. For something to endure it is important that priority is placed on the purpose and ideals on which the relationship was based from the beginning. When this is done, any conflicts become secondary. For a relationship to last there cannot be stagnation and something new must be continually brought to the table. While neither thunder nor wind may be thought of as subsisting for long, the weather patterns that bring them are continuous.


When the King of Swords occurs in a reading there may be a legal or business matter that we need advice on. It may represent any type of problem where a logical and analytical mind can help us see the right course of action. It is definitely a time when swift action is necessary. It may also represent a time when we need to take responsibility for choices that have been made even if the choice was to delegate the matter to someone else. The King of Swords may also represent someone who has come into ourlife who is both logical and somewhat autocratic. This person gives great advice when asked but we may often feel judged in this person’s presence.


When the King of Swords is reversed, then either we or someone in our environment may be having serious control issues. The reversed King of Swords likes to throw his weight around and fully expects people to fall into line and may be quite harsh and cutting when this does not happen. There is a strong streak of cruelty in the reversal of this card and control and arrogance is everything to this person at this time. The King of Swords reversed may also refer to someone who is looked upon as an authority who finds himself unable to make a decision. This may have happened because there is nothing in his rule book that has prepared him for present circumstances.


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Tarot Post – Page of Cups


Page / Princess of Cups (Earth of Water)


Page of CupsPage of Cups by G A Rosenberg


Sandbars at low tide
Summers spent in innocence
We drank of life’s joy


Inspired to dream
by a child’s questions
quite unexpected
my eyes opened to wonder
by innocence
my staid adulthood tamed
to submission
by wide eyes
and guileless charm
as answers fell into place
around me.
Private thoughts that made me smile
as to the senselessness of all
now came crystal clear
as I realized the joke was on me
All day our talk continued
histories shared,
Now the child is gone
and my life begun anew..



The suite of Cups deal with our emotional nature including love, both that as in a relationship between two (and rarely more) people and that of friends and companions.Pages (or Princesses as they are called in many decks) represent the grounding or emergence of the energy involve. Water is the medium for crystallization. When enough of a substance is combined with water it crystallizes and a new substance is born. The questions that come from an innocent mind can often form new realizations in even the most jaded of hearts.
The Page of Cups has many of the best qualities we associate with childhood. He or She is open-hearted and imaginative, sympathetic, seeking to understand and learn. Often they exhibit psychic abilities and can be very dreamlike. The archetype that springs immediately to mind is The Little Prince in Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s book of the same name. There is much inspiration and realizations sparked by the questions and play of our inner child if we were to listen.


I Ching Correspondence – 41) Sun – Decrease

___ ___
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The trigram for the Mountain is over that of the Lake. As the lake evaporates, its moisture enlivens the mountains. Our childhood dreams and imagination spurs us on to the adults that we become. If we can hold on to that spark of open-heartedness then it can continue to inspire us no matter what period we have reached in our lives. At times we may need to dissolve some of the misconceptions that have arisen along the way and dip back into this pool of dreams in order to build anew.
This hexagram reminds us that everything comes in its time but to balance out both our inner needs and our outer experience. Just as the lake nourishes the mountain, the mountain also sustains the lake. To continue expanding as a person without stagnation, it benefits us to sustain our inner child.


When the Page of Cups is seen in a reading, it often tells us that we need to access the child within and to take time out to dream and play. It may also be telling us that we need to rely on our intuition and what’s more to trust it. The card may also be suggesting that it is time to gain a greater spiritual understanding either within the system we followed when we were younger or in a new direction that will re-spark our inner life. The Page of Cups may refer to a child coming into our lives who will reawaken our sense of wonder.


The Page of Cups reversed in a reading may refer to a time when we have let ourselves play a little too much. Perhaps we have confused our inner and outer realities and have caused discomfort to ourselves and others. We may be acting impulsively and ignoring some of the consequences of our actions. The card may also refer to either ourselves or someone around us becoming disturbed by psychic flashes or visions that they are having. It indicates that it is a good time for a reality check.


Tarot Post – Prince of Cups


Prince / Knight of Cups (Air of Water)


Prince of CupsPrince of Cups (Revised) by G A Rosenberg


Dreaming in secret
Other hearts are open books
I can understand


while the world goes on around me
those I could love
and do
beyond but not in
the reality we share
no one knows my true nature
yet you could you know
here with me
but NO
in waking world
with no one understanding
but you could.
See what I’ve accomplished
no not here
but there in the future
I’ll take you there
Come with me
and learn what few do
or can
you feel my understanding
Together we can…
well in my dreams
you already have.
— G A Rosenberg


The suite of Cups deal with our emotional nature including love, both that as in a relationship between two (and rarely more) people and that of friends and companions. Princes deal with the transmission and the endurance of the energy, the result of the union of the King’s Force and the Queen’s generative and nurturing of the energy.The transmission of emotion is seldom done through action but through words and expression. The Prince of Cups understands takes in the emotions, understands them and feels deeply yet he shows what he wishes others to see holding the rest inside until it becomes either necessary or desirable to let them out. He is often artistic, using his emotions as yet another palette on which to draw. He is able to elicit emotions from others and sees things that others do not.
Having such a deep internal life, it is often difficult to get the Prince of Cups to take action on a practical level. He has a deep sense of the aesthetic yet seldom wants to get his hands dirty. In these and so many other ways he is a study in contrasts. This is at least partly due to the fact that he often can see and hold two or more contradictory viewpoints or attributes. Due to this, he often ends up surprising even those closest to him by doing or espousing something radically different than what he had the day before.


Astrological Correspondence: 21° Libra – 20° Scorpio Elemental: Air of Water – This combination of Libra’s communication skills, enjoyment of those considered friends and energy combined with Scorpio’s magnetism, secrecy and artistic flair yields an artist who loves to hide in plain site. He will work obsessively to convey ideas and visions that will leave people scratching their heads. They love people and are very romantic often giving much of themselves to those they love yet they demand as much in return and can become resentful at what they see as a lack of loyalty.


I Ching Correspondence -61) Kung Fu – Inner Truth

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The Hexagram for the Wind is over that of the Lake. The Wind stirs the water and affects it by getting inside, in other words by understanding. This hexagram much like it’s two open lines in the centre councils being open to all things true and to seek understanding of others by understanding one’s own relationship to the truth as it expresses inside of themselves. The hexagram also speaks about being open to finding the right approach to use with each being encountered (as opposed to settling for a one-size fits all cookie-cutter solution)so as best to express this inner truth.


When the Prince of Cups turns up in a reading, he may represent a person, interest or passion that while not practical sweeps you off your feet in a most romantic way. Someone may feel like the answer to all your dreams but are you sure you understand what their investment is? The force of this card may be addictive in its intensity. He may represent a lover (male or female) who has serious commitment issues as they wish to experience it all and feel it deeply. The Prince of Cups may also be suggesting that a time when it is necessary to address the balance between dreaming and taking action in our own lives. Both dreaming and acting on these dreams are important


Reversed the Prince of Cups often speaks of the desire to avoid responsibility. This may come as a reaction to feeling like there is too much expected or it may come out of a sense of disillusionment with the world. It may also refer to someone who is manipulative and who uses our emotions and attractions against us. This person will tend to value the effect of what he (or she) says over truth or honesty. The Reversed Prince of Cups may also mean that we feel not that there is too much expected of us but that there is too much for us at this time. The Prince reversed may also refer to a time when we are letting our emotions pull us in any given situation.


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