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Imagining Myself Anew – A Consciousness Stream


“The interior of our skulls contains a portal to infinity.”
― Grant Morrison


Opening up the mind and imagining different lives. Not so much as an escape to my own but as an addition. Who knows? In living another existence if only for the space of moments or hours, I may learn compassion. What is it like to be a single mother of three in a rough area of New York City? What challenges do I face? What is it like to be twenty-three years old and wondering and fearing what the future may be? What is the life of a housecat or a fly or a planet or a God? Can I truly picture myself inside the life of another? How real can I make it? I entertain myself by traveling from life to life and I wonder who may find themselves traveling in mine? What is the continuity of existence? Have I imagined myself to be another being or am I imagining myself to be me a good deal of the time and if so can I imagine better? How good can I make this life? In an internal universe where we could be anything why limit our dreaming or our becoming?
Blessings, G


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Meaning, Thought and MirrorMeaning, Thought and Mirror by G A Rosenberg


MapMap by G A Rosenberg