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Compassion and Criticism


“You only see what you know.”
— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


For the last two days I have been watching reactions to the events in Paris. Many people have talked about how people are acting sad about the event while ignoring similar horrific events in other parts of the world.
I see the point I really do.
Tho let’s shrink the scale down a little.
Would you tell a grieving widow or child that they were wrong to mourn just their loved one when 50 other people in the area died the same day?
How about someone who was mourning a neighbour?
“It’s really cheap of you to only care about that person. Fred Wilkes who lives three states over got killed and I don’t see you mourning them.”
Seems kind of tacky, no?
The truth is that mourning one person or for those in one country does not make you unfeeling towards others. It just means that for one reason or another, it has affected you more.
Is it because of the media? Perhaps.
Perhaps it is because many people can relate to what happens in Paris quicker than what happens in Lebanon or Russia. Perhaps either they have visited there or hope to or they have friends who have more recently.
Having compassion for one event does not mean you do not have it for others
and covering your profile picture with the flag of France does not mean that you don’t feel for the suffering of people in other places. It is for many just that it is more relatable and that’s ok.
There are horrific acts of terror happening in many places in the world so often that many of us become numbed to the horror of it.
At some point we need to say “No More” to all of it.
Perhaps it is easier to do this when something strikes closer to home.
It is both supercilious and jaded to believe that this is a reaction that is only media driven just as it would be for me to suggest that those who feel so free to tell everyone whom and when to mourn are more interested in pointing out the flaws of others than showing genuine compassion.
Blessings, G


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I See you and You’re Beautiful


“If I accept you as you are, I will make you worse; however if I treat you as though you are what you are capable of becoming, I help you become that”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


I reach out to the best that is in you for that is what I seek to nurture. You shine like the sun. You are compassionate and whole and with you I can speak my heart. You know my struggles for you have struggled to and we celebrate each other’s successes. You are limitless and beautiful. You face your shadow self without fear, dance with it and unite. As I see you this way, you become it. Is that the secret? Shall I treat myself as if I am what I am capable of and so enable myself further along the path? It is worth a try. Imagine what a transformative experience it could be if we all were to try this for one day and then let it continue as it would.
Blessings, G


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