See You in a Mile – An Experiment in Understanding


“You don’t really understand an antagonist until you understand why he’s a protagonist in his own version of the world.”
— John Rogers


I have always believed that there are few actual villains in this world and those who would describe themselves as villainous or evil believe that they are justified in their actions and behaviours. This isn’t to say that we all believe we are doing the right thing. Our reasons for doing wrong can be quite interesting. Even when our actions go beyond what most people see as excusable or acceptable in anyway. Trying to understand peoples’ motivation and reality tunnels can be enlightening to say the best. At the very least it frees us from blind hatred. Especially if we can put ourselves even momentarily in the shoes of someone we would normally despise.
Some examples:
1) If you consider yourself conservative, try to see the world from the perspective of Bernie Sanders.
2) If you see yourself as liberal or left-leaning try to perceive the world the way Ted Cruz or Donald Trump sees it.
3) If you are black, jewish or gay try seeing the world from the perspective of a white supremacist.
4) If you are homophobic, try to see life from the point of view of someone who is gay or trans.
5) Try understanding why a member of ISIS would act the way they do. What do they aspire to?
6) If you are Jewish, try perceiving Israel the way a Palestinian does.
7) If you are Islamic try perceiving Israel and Palestine the way that Netanyahu does.
Just for the hell of it even if you don’t fit into any of the above categories, try to adopt each of the above views for an hour each, you might find afterwards that your own viewpoint has become a lot more malleable.
Blessings, G



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