Sweet Mystery


“Without mysteries, life would be very dull indeed. What would be left to strive for if everything were known?”
― Charles de Lint


It’s funny you know. So many people out there claiming to have the answers. Even if they don’t have the hubris (or the stupidity) to claim to know it all, they know the one true path to find out. They know what is to come and that it is coming soon. Just follow their methods and you can know too. Yet all or most of these ways are different. Either a little different or in some cases almost polar opposites. You pay your money and you take your choices.
Maybe tho, the right path for us to follow is whatever path we’re on. Studying what calls us and learning and living what and how we can. Maybe its ok not to know but to appreciate the mystery of life. Yes the world is changing and we need to change but isn’t change the constant? Perhaps there will be some cataclysm that is to come and we need to be ready or perish. If perishing is possible. Perhaps we are on the brink of the most positive transformation that the human race has yet to see. All of these possibilities and more are out there. Each of us will know as we get there and for me that is ok. Part of what has always kept me going is curiosity as to what can happen next. May we all grow in wonder and embrace the mystery.
Blessings, G


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Transformational SpaceTransformational Space by G A Rosenberg


Fractal Landscape With SkullsFractal Landscape With Skulls by G A Rosenberg




“When focusing only on one’s credentials one boasts his own incompetence in his capacity for discernment of the individual.”
― Criss Jami


I met this old professor.
He wore his degrees like medals.
He would talk for hours of
all that he had learned thirty years ago
yet when I asked
what he had learned since
or what made his heart sing
he gave me a blank stare
“Hearts do not sing”, he scoffed
“I have learned all I need to know long ago.”
He walked away as there was nothing he could teach me.
He was right.


I met an old street woman.
She was a Princess in the land
she was from
or so she said.
She had only three tobacco stained teeth in her mouth
and her eyes shone.
She had dreams dancing there
and each one brought her from day to day.
She said for five dollars
she would tell me a secret
I handed her the money and she said.
“Love, Dream, Learn, Share”
I longed to forever here her teachings


I saw a child playing
He ran up to me and said “Play”
He did a little dance
I said “I must complete this project”
and then perhaps I will.
He looked at me and did a little dance.
He hugged me and then skipped and said “Play”
Totally in the moment
One day he would grow
and worry about yesterday and tomorrow
but today he was present.
I joined the Teacher in the moment
and danced in the now.
— G A Rosenberg


Blessings, G


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Intersecting RealitiesIntersecting Realities by G A Rosenberg


Fractal TemplateTemplate by G A Rosenberg

Knowing and Forgetting


” ‘Is that how it is for you?’ I asked.
‘Is what how it is for me?’
‘Do you still know everything, all the time?”
She shook her head. She didn’t smile. She said. “Be Boring, knowing everything. You have to give all that stuff up if you’re going to muck about here.”
“So you used to know everything?”
She wrinkled her nose. “Everybody did. I told you. It’s nothing special, knowing how things work. And you really do have to give it all up, if you want to play.”‘

–Neil Gaiman, The Ocean at the End of the Lane


When I was younger, I used to believe that I wanted to understand everything. Not necessarily everything there was to know, I don’t believe I was that foolish. I wanted to understand everything and everyone I came across. I’m rather happy these days that I didn’t get that foolish desire granted. Can you imagine what life would be without the fun of discovery? I love having bits and pieces of knowledge that I can put together like a jigsaw puzzle with lots of blue sky and grass that I can only start to see patterns of shade in. It feels awesome when another piece clicks into place. Once in awhile I get a fleeting glimpse of the shape of the whole puzzle but I know I can never carry that. Besides, while I still want to understand (grock fully) as much as possible, I don’t want to give up the play of figuring it out as I go along. It is the play that keeps me humble and feeling young beyond my years.
I heartily recommend The Ocean at the End of the Lane, the newest book by Neil Gaiman. His combination of myth and masterful storytelling has crafted a truly compelling fairy tale for adults
Blessings, G


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Raven Stealing the SunRaven Stealing the Sun by G A Rosenberg


MeltdownMeltdown by G A Rosenberg

Quote of the Day – November 11 2011

The only 11-11-11 there has been– but then isn’t each moment unique. This moment is the only one we’ll ever have. To paraphrase Stephen Gaskin “We are this moment’s children”

“I have one major rule: Everybody is right. More specifically, everybody — including me — has some important pieces of truth, and all of those pieces need to be honored, cherished, and included in a more gracious, spacious, and compassionate embrace”
–Ken Wilber

We have this moment in which to awaken
this moment in which to dream
this moment in which to love
to feel joy and sorrow
to transcend..
not yesterday
not tomorrow
this moment
but then I belabour the obvious 🙂

And besides I wanted to talk about Dr. Wilber’s quote a bit. How can EVERYONE be right. More to the point how can anyone not be? Do you KNOW they’re not? So many people claim to know. The more of existence I experience, the less I know and I kind of prefer it that way. It seems more and more that the more a person knows, the more certainty they have, the more experiences they close themselves off to. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say, the more types of experience they close themselves off to. If reality really is too big to understand all at once by someone in physical incarnation as R Buckminster Fuller and many others have suggested, then we cannot know it fully, we can only understand it in parts. Or so it seems to me. Namaste
–G A R

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Transcending by G A Rosenberg