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A Larger Right

“When something seems to go wrong, it’s invariably part of a larger right.”
–Jed McKenna


It’s happened to me often. Something in my life seems to go incredibly wrong. Plans are missed and I start to feel stressed. Then because of the mishap I end up in a situation that feels so right and planned that I realize that while it may seem like my life has been derailed, I are still on our life’s path. Indeed it is impossible to step off of it. It is just veering off in an unexpected direction.
Once I was working in another state from where I lived. I was supposed to go home for the weekend and my plane got cancelled. I went out and met someone who’s friendship was to mean a great deal to me over the next few decades and from whom I learned a lot. Another time it felt like my life was falling apart. For a year and a half, I had lived with someone who messed up my head and with whom I plumbed the depths of my integrity. I left there and started rebuilding my life. I felt humbled and devastated. Then the pieces came together. I found a job and started building a life from the ground up. A few months later I was to meet and fall in love with someone wonderful. After fourteen years of marriage we are still together.
Each time I thought that I was lost, I found myself in better shape than I’ve ever been. At this point, I have finally learned to trust that no matter how things may feel, I am always on the right track.
Blessings, G


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