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Wordplay Soul Flowetry

Light shining out.
illuminating my being
showing a new way home
signal to noise ratio improving
cutting down on mental static
so i can feel what’s coming through
The myth of Entropy
The system is wide open
the light flashes through
illuminating matter
lighting the way
the way is light

My mind, the liar got left behind
thinks you climb a ladder when its easier to fly
I won’t get caught in his traps
I’ve stopped rapping his raps
intellectual’s not sexual and has stopped getting me off
talk to the soul cause the feats won’t listen
the writing of my being trump the pages of the sages and inside i have a compass that always points towards home
If the mob rules then i salute Mab’s wisdom tho i minor in treasures and major in my leisure not seeking pain but pleasure tho joy is where its at
seeking dimensions beyond flat
undressed but not addressed, my potential is essential
watching kids play we move not stay,
the dance goes on tho i may be gone
i travel to unravel and revel tho disheveled
and yet I’m on a level that has been moving up
waking up, not hitting the snooze no more
feeling love that’s universal
joy that’s overflowing
light thats non-reversal
shining through my soul
connecting to my source
glowing with the force
yet one more entity
who’s claiming my identity =)
–G A Rosenberg
©2011 G A Rosenberg

(shoutout to M E who inspires with his flowetry, and may get me rapping yet =D)