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In-Between Times, In-Between Places


“The crossroads is the place where all paths begin. Crossroads are primal places of passage, at which the axis that links the underworld with the upperworld intersects this transitionary world on which we walk. As with all areas of liminality, the crossroads is a place of physical and spiritual danger. here the wayfarer must decide on which direction he or she must take. The usual hard and fast distinction between the physical and the non-material worlds here appears less certain, and the chance of encountering something supernatural is more likely. in classical times, crossroads were sanctified with a herm, an image of Hermes, the god of traffic and trade. this mercurial deity, who indicates the right road and guides the traveler’s footsteps, was the generic of the particular spirit of each individual crossroads, places where magical changes can be enacted.”
— Nigel Pennick- The Eldritch World


I have always been a man of the crossroads. Like a spider in the centre of a web, I like looking at all the possible paths and seeing as far as I can down each of them. I wander a bit down each one before being pulled back to the centre. It is the in between spaces that I like the most. The best negotiations and trades can happen in the middle of different states of being as each one has something to contribute to the mixture. At dawn, you have night’s quiet mixed with the light of the coming day. At twilight, you have the shadows that stimulate the imagination as the day’s last works are completed.
You can find me wandering between the different periods of my life, past and possible future in my mind as my words and art seek to combine that which was and is and that which exists in a different realm.
Come to the centre of the web where the crossroads of myself and you meet and we can talk about how we can combine experience to become something greater than either was before we met.
Blessings, G


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Wandering PastWandering Through by G A Rosenberg


CimeiesCimeies by G A Rosenberg


Quote of the Day – December 24 2012

“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.”
― Carl Jung


Interpersonal alchemy is quite possibly my favourite kind. Meeting someone with a whole new set of values and intricacies, who has learned to deal with their lives in totally different ways than I have. Someone with whom in both qualities I enjoy and qualities I don’t will show me a fun house mirror of myself that we will both have to accept for things to continue. Of course I will be showing them the same. But in the relationship, a new kingdom waits to be explored..
Blessings, G


On a somewhat heavier personal note, my mother-in-law tonight faced some medical complications bravely. She was operated on and it looks like she will pull through just fine. I am grateful to the universe. As cliched as it sounds, hold your loved ones tight, you never know when your mutual exploration of each other’s country will come to an end…..


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Crystal Blue Persuasion

Generator by G A Rosenberg


Amonite Persian RugAmmonite Persian Rug by G A Rosenberg