People Watching at the Art Museum


“If only humans see humans
The same way artists see artworks,
Everybody is beautiful.”
— Jerico Silvers


I love going to art museums. The art is a source of constant inspiration. Lately in addition to the pictures, I have developed a new interest in the galleries. I love to watch the people looking at art.
I see the serious and thoughtful art students studying pieces they have seen only in books in rapt fascination.
I see others obviously bored looking at their phones and wishing they were anywhere else but even they will occasionally be grabbed by a particular painting or two. It is as if a new light shines in their eyes.
I see kids running and playing being herded by their parents and overly patient boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands and wives somewhat vicariously enjoying their loved ones expressed interest. Each person is a work of art and study in contrasting emotion and mood. Each worthy of at least a passing glance.
Blessings, G


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In a Cave, SilentIn a Cave, Silent by G A Rosenberg


Fractal BelfryFractal Belfry by G A Rosenberg


Quote of the Day – October 17 2011

“The thing with pretending you’re in a good mood is that sometimes you can. “

       –Charles deLint

a realization of how something might have cut
a small tear in the soul
now with grace, it starts to knit..
The tower falls, the light of day comes
then we get to see what comes next
— G A Rosenberg

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Ragnarok’s Due  by G A Rosenberg

Thoughts About to Crystalize by G A Rosenberg