Quote of the Day – October 16 2011 — Some Musings — Pre-Occupied

“Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it. “

        –Tori Amos


Occupy Vancouver in its first day has been amazing. 5000+ people (I have a feeling that if you counted everybody who came and went throughout the day, the figure was much higher). People coming together because they realize the need for change in how things have been done. Whether they were talking about changes in our political systems, our financial systems, our educational systems or in the way we view things, there was a deep realization that we need to evolve new ways of dealing with ourselves, each other and our planet. Still there was more joy than anger. We shared laughs, marches, slogans, hugs and purpose. I look forward to watching the occupation movement evolve. Will change come from it or will it be ultimately a release  of built up social pressure, I have no surety. Something has begun with this movement in this next month and I look forward to seeing it continue. Few things in my life have made me feel quite as proud as participating in today has.

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I don’t know who this lad is but somehow he and his sign  symbolized today nicely for me. I want this boy (and all children including of course Zev) to grow up in a world of growing hope and happiness.


Heart’s Vision by G A Rosenberg

Quote of the Day – October 15 2011

“The man who fights too long against dragons becomes a dragon himself”

       –Friedrich Nietsche

Tonight I saw a documentary about a band from the Congo called Staff Benda Bilili which both inspired me and gave me some much needed perspective. Tomorrow I go to protest and to occupy because of among other things – the gross economic disparity that has become part of present day society and the level of corporate and privilege greed that has reached epic proportions. I participate, hoping that the share number of people standing up to be counted will provide a reality cheque and possibly help wake people up to the need for change. Still watching this video about people who sleep and live on cardboard in the streets who daily don’t know if they will eat or not does wake me up to what relative poverty may be as opposed to actual poverty. I believe that there are the resources on this planet to end hunger and need on that level. Whether or not we will all wake up enough consciously to realize that very little difference exists between one other being starving to death and a beloved member of our family doing the same. I pray for universal empathy  — G A Rosenberg

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Love Growing Between Dragon and Gargoyle by G A Rosenberg

Expansion by G A Rosenberg

Icarus Transfigured

why does it seem that those most resistant to change tend to be the ones most unhappy with their lives? Can fear be that strong? Do we all have elements of Hamlet’s dilemma that we stick with those ills we have rather than face the unknown. Despite the words old Willie spoke with Hamlet’s voice I don’t believe that conscience rules in the situation as much as misguided attachment. We do seem to know our pain and fear losing it.
What of all the people involved in Occupying Wall Street? They seem to want change because they find themselves unhappy with the current status quo? Does that disprove my theory? Yet look at the demonstrations and the people you see marching. They may not like the current state of things but they don’t appear to be miserable. I see excitement over the idea of change and that they may be part of it. I see people secure in themselves and the idea that life can be better and the realization of the need for change but unhappy? Not so much
I look at the people in power. The media and banking moguls who seem to be following Ghandi’s pattern. “First they ignore us, then they laugh at us then they fight us then we win”. They seem to be the most unhappy not only with the idea of change but with the lives they live. They have more than they could ever need yet something inside of them screams “MORE”. No matter how much they have, they always want MORE.. Somehow that doesn’t seem happy to me.

What would happen if Icarus, instead of believing that his wings were melted by the sun, believed instead that he could fly anyway, would new wings, wings that had greater reality than the melted ones of wax appear in their place as Icarus took his place among the stars?
–G A Rosenberg


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Icarus Transfigured by G A Rosenberg

Quote of the Day – October 10 2011

“You’re in a prison, Evey.  You were born in a prison.  You’ve been in a prison so long, you no longer believe there’s a world outside.”

               — V (Alan Moore)

Yet, many of us finally become aware of the prison bars; the confines that define our reality. Once that awareness hits us, we either desire more than anything else to break our chains or we cower in fear at the idea of making our way into the unknown. “Here there be Dragons” as the old world maps say. Dragons to teach and dragons to slay and new worlds to explore. Existence offers more than the struggles we’ve been taught. We can refuse to be commodities. We can refuse to be the programmed sheep that so many wish for us to be.. I see a frightening new world out there that yearns to be born out of the remains of this old one that seems screwed up beyond repair. One built from ideals and ideas of heart, mind and spirit.

–G A Rosenberg


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Anonymous Dreams of Beauty by G A Rosenberg