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Everyday Magic in Different Forms


The Artist was the first to convey Desire and Dream to an objective state, he thus manifested the exteriorisation of our earliest fantasies that by the sympathy of Image to Reality they would become True. The role and function of the First Artist and the First Sorcerer are identical and inseparable, that is to fulfill the Dream and bind it to Reality. The more we embrace this primitive function the more effective we become as practitioners of the Arte Magical.’
— Andrew D. Chumbley


I am a cave dweller. Tomorrow I will hunt the wild beast to feed my family. Tonight I draw the animals I will kill on the walls of my home to draw them to me.I will provide and I will live.
I am an oracle. I lay my symbols out in the way I will have the future unfold for my king, for my family and for my home.
I run planning workshops. Tomorrow as my clients discuss what they wish for the future, I will draw out their plans. They will see the images on paper and that will help them to see them out to fruition.
Magic takes many shapes and forms and whether we are aware of it or not, we all practice magick every day whether it be by art or by dreams that we will strong enough to manifest.
Blessings, G


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The Night's OfferingsThe Night’s Offerings by G A Rosenberg


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