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Rabbit Hole Musing and Purpose

Rabbit Hole Musing

From October 2010:

Joseph Campbell referred to it as the Hero’s Journey. The major arcana of the tarot shows similar cycle. Every time we step through a doorway or start something new, we perform a version of it. Sometimes I feel that most of my life is spent going from rabbit hole to rabbit hole or at crossroads deciding which way to go. It’s one of the reasons why I feel a kinship to crossroad deities such as Thoth in Egyptian mythology, Hermes in the Greek, Eshu and Elegua in various Orisha cosmologies or Ganesh in the Hindu among many others.. They tend to be the tricksters, the ones who teach you life’s lessons by exposing you to possibilities.
There is a history of musicians and crossroad deities especially blues musicians tho they usually see him as being old nick

I have to be careful tho. Every time I start writing about the rabbit hole I hear a whisper “c’mere kid…take the ride” which I guess is nominally better than “Oh my stars and whiskers, I’m late”


Present Day:
The rabbit Holes never stop appearing do they? At least not as long as we’re open to them. I think I’ve figured at least part of it. When looked at in a certain way, each person becomes a rabbit hole. When approached with empathy and a true desire to understand, everyone we meet can take us to a new reality or at least a new take on it. Some realities can be more dangerous to us than others. I’ve met people before and alarms have gone off in my head screaming “HERE THERE BE DRAGONS”. Others I’ve met who have shown me such beauty that I’ve wept to find that I must leave but reconciled that if careful I could take some of that beauty back with me. Neither are the two above mutually exclusive. Journeys never end and each circumstance or person who’s land we visit teaches me about my own.
Blessings G

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Purpose by G A Rosenberg