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Tarot Haikus – IV of Pentacles

So, I was working on an essay for the Tarot group at SR on the elements. Working hard which translated to watching YouTube videos, playing games on facebook and reading up on various news stories one of which was the total eclipse. I thought to myself “Wouldn’t it be cool to come up with an eclipse haiku?” My idea of cool tends to be somewhat askew from most people’s. So I did. I have yet to write the article yet parts of it are percolating. While walking the dog I was debating in my mind which Beatle corresponded to each element- Was John Lennon closer to Fire, Air or Water? Ringo Starr was probably Earth, right? Not that that will make it into the article, sometimes i just give my mind some rope and see where it leads.

But I digress. So I wrote the Eclipse haiku-a few entries down if you are interested. An idea popped into my head. Wouldn’t it be fun to come up with a haiku for each of the 78 tarot cards? My idea of fun tends to be as askew as my idea of cool.
So tonight I drew a card from the deck IV of Pentacles and after some thought came up with this:

Holding too tightly
coins slip from an old man’s grasp
order tossed aside.

IV of Pentacles

The Empress

“Through her door i came upon her
and through her door the world appeared
Creation in all its glory
wheat, and fruit, swans filled the air
She led me through her magick kingdom
wheat grew high, and flowers bloomed
the river breeze caressed us
i tried to think but couldn’t care
for all i saw i loved and wanted
all i needed reached for me
the stars in her hair blinded me
and the moon laid at her feet
She held me until the morning
oh magic night lost to her love
and gained, expression imagination
fruitful creativity”

Surfing the Schrodinger Wave

I am but am not

I hang five on the wave that never collapses

The uncertainty doesn’t bother me

The paradox can be paradoctored

It is I that decide

Ignoring the ten doors that lead to 10 kingdoms

I seek beyond the veil

facing the nightmares that make me i

until i find the not i through which the world changes.

Only if it matters not where i go or whether i go

can i continue

for if it matters then the matter contains me

and it is my will not to be contained.

Reflections–Then & Now

Who am I?
I ask the face in the mirror
What do you think about?
What makes you tick?
I can ask these questions all day
yet never get an answer
from the silent reflection
that lies within
I plead and I beg
Still the mirror never tells me
the things i need to know
I’ve lost touch with myself
over the years
I’ve built up defenses
so that i can not be hurt
especially from within
and so have become a hollow shell
Having run out of tears long ago
I cannot cry for anyone
not even myself
so cry for me someone

–Gary Rosenberg 17

Welcome old friend
I greet my reflection
and thank you for joining me today
There’s no answer
but by his smile
i know its ok
and the greeting from my oldest friend is heartfelt
For a long while I thought we had lost touch
that i was but a shell
and he but an uncaring trick of the light
Little did i know that it was a cocoon
that would soon emerge
able to do, able to be, able to love and be loved
a sublime intricate moth
even if no butterfly
Who knew the old caterpillar had me inside.
If i could send him just one message
that caterpillar, so bitter, afraid and alone
through the ever patient reflection
that we have shared through time
“It gets better”

—Gary Rosenberg, 47