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Quote of the Day – September 13 2011 — Doorways

“A man of genius makes no mistakes; his errors are volitional and are the portals of discovery.”

                     — James Joyce

Doors opening
not only before me
but in my art
Where will they take me?
Can I just look
or shall i step through
knowing that the very experience
of passing through
will mean changes
for every portal leaves its mark
on my existence
and yet the very act of walking past
will also leave me marked…
Still every door opens before us for a reason
We manifest doorways because we
need that exposure
At every crossroads
we test our being

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Portal Mandala by G A Rosenberg
Portal Mandala 2 by G A Rosenberg
Portal Mandala 3 by G A Rosenberg

Quote of the Day – September 4 2011

“BE STILL: Be stiller yet; and listen. Set the screen
Of silence at the portal of your will.
Relax, and let the world go by unheard.
And seal your lips with some all-sacred word.”
–Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Sometimes my channels feel completely open-ready to receive anything and everything. Other times it seems that so much is in process transmitting, receiving, process that i can hear the grind of the mental and spiritual hard drive as it slows down to a crawl..
Make some space, clear out the files I no longer use, Empty myself
Hailing Frequencies Open. Ready Once again to receive

(Of course there are times when the inner channels play cartoons but that’s another story) 😉


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Portals by G A Rosenberg

Portals in Use by G A Rosenberg