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Tarot Post – Six of Swords

Six of Swords (Science / Objective Thought)



Six of SwordsSix of Swords (Revised by G A Rosenberg)


Sailing through dangers

We designed the fraught voyage

so we could triumph


The Ferryman

Mute, I watch your arrival
You climb onto my boat
unsure as you press this coin into my hand
You may smile or give a small laugh
but that stops when you notice
my eyes and my silence.

We start off
You seem surprised by the number of
rocks and debris in the water
You wonder about safety.
Oh Dear one
I know the way
as only one who has scraped
his bow on every single obstacle can
After awhile you start to know the signs
the childhood baggage, the failed marriages
Every time you denied the spark
in yourself (or in others)
they’re all here
and like I said
I know the way thoroughly

Though each route is different
I have known much the same
the odd twists and turns that obsession
and self-importance can place in one’s path
Intuition guides me through
the straits of old frustration
and intellect tells me
how deep they go.

You leave the boat
relieved of coin and burden
ready to survey your new landscape.
I push off.
You turn back to ask what they all do
but I am gone
Sailing. Home..
— G A Rosenberg


The suit of swords represents thought, ideas, plans and conflicts. Sixes represent balance and harmony. The energy of this card deals with healing from wounds, a guided journey away from where we were hurt to where we can heal and have perspective over what has caused the wounds in the first place. Once grief has been acknowledged than we can begin the journey away from what has hurt us (carrying the memories, the swords for the lessons we have learned, with us but in a way that is now harmless to us.)


Astrological Correspondence – Mercury in Aquarius – THe Mercury in Aquarius energy is one of both objective logic and intuitive understanding. This allows for an amazing ability to put problems in context and to be able to start to move past them. This form of thinking can often come into conflict with that of the status quo especially where being helpless in the face of problems has become more and more in vogue


I Ching Correspondence – 61) Chung Fu – “Inner Truth” –

____ ____
____ ____

The Trigram of the Wind is over that of the Lake.Visible effects of the invisible, The truth that lies within. Our “Truth” or our “Reality” as opposed to an objective truth. Not that the two don’t exist as a continuum, If truth exists (and I believe it does) then it is too great and expansive to be encompassed or fully comprehended by any one purpose or creed. Like the story of the six blind men who one day came across an elephant in the marketplace. One placed his hand on the leg and thought the elephant was like a tree, one touched the elephant’s ear and thought the elephant like a fan, one touched the elephant’s trunk and thought a snake, etc…Not one of them could believe that the entire elephant could be outside of their subjective experience..
The lines are closed at both ends yet open in the middle. This show an open heart , free of expectations..
Above gentleness and forbearance to those below,
Below joyous serving of those above…


When the Six of Swords turns up in a reading, it can mean that the time has come to take stock of a situation and look at it objectively and move onwards. It may also denote a time of healing and moving forwards. In its most literal sense it could mean a journey over water yet this depending on the other cards in the reading most likely will be in the context of leaving in order to heal. It may also mean that someone in the given situation is twisting their interpretation of problem to suit their own ends.


Reversed the Six of Swords can represent someone who either feels trapped in a situation or is trapped, unable to see where the escape route is. This could be because of rationalizations but it almost always signifies a need to take stoke of the situation and find some clarity. It can also represent something being offered that may seem like an escape route but will in truth only lead to greater problems.

Tarot Post – Four of Swords


Four of Swords (Truce)


Four of SwordsFour of Swords (Revised) by G A Rosenberg


Rest from raging storms

Your heart shelters those who need

Solace is given


The battle has been long

and nothing decided

my soul feels wearied

my burden heavy

I will leave the field of combat

for a time

withdraw from all

and find my true being

The battle will rejoin anew

and I shall be refreshed

for now only greater awareness may come

and with it growth

and renewed vigour

with which to address the fight…


The suit of swords represents thought, ideas, plans and conflicts. Fours express a stability and manifestation of the energy involved. There are times when our thoughts become too much for us and the inherent conflicts and battles that arise feel like a never-ending battle. We need to establish a truce, a withdrawal from conflict to meditate and be silent within ourselves, to gain further energy with which we will return and find resolution or synthesis of the ongoing struggle. The four of swords represents this time of withdrawal and meditation.


Astrological Correspondence-Jupiter in Libra- The Jupiter in Libra energy is impartial, fair and open-minded and willing to consider all sides. It seeks harmony and resolution but at times can become indecisive when there is not a clear solution that will benefit all.   Jupiter wishes to expand truthfully while the Libra energy tends to be diplomatic and wants everyone to be happy. These two energies can often bring one to a deadlock at which time it benefits one to meditate on the solution


I Ching Correspondence- 24) Fu – Return (The Turning Point)

___ ___
___ ___
___ ___
___ ___
___ ___


The trigram for earth is over the trigram for thunder. This hexagram represents the winter solstice when everything has reached its darkest point and the turn towards the light is ready to begin. Thunder represents the life force that has yet to emerge from the earth. Everything is at a point of rest and motion shall soon return again with renewed vigour.
When the Four of Swords occurs in a reading, a moment of rest has occurred in a conflict. This does not mean that the conflict has gone away as much as that it is time to take stock and look at possible outcomes and solutions before the battle starts up again. It is best not to fool oneself that things have resolved as this card does not mean peace but a brief pause for healing and reflection. Further effort will be necessary


When the Four of Swords  shows up reversed, it means that the truce is over and that it is time to return and resolve the conflicts at hand. If the inner work has been done during the truce time then resolution will be possible.

Tarot Post – Three of Cups

Three of Cups  (Abundance)

G`Three of Cups (revised)


Trinity of friends

Powerful energy flows

Abundance ensues


Friends, knowing each others hearts and minds
We’ve known the hard parts
and have wandered through alone, together
But now is for fun and joy
This moment we have
each other’s company
overflowing, magical acceptance
that carries through


Cups deal with our emotional nature including love, both that as in a relationship between two (and rarely more) people and that of friends and companions. Threes deal with accomplishment, fulfilment and transmission of the energy. In this case the love that has been expressed overflows into a feeling of abundance. So often we think of our lives in terms of scarcity, what is missing and what we may never have. In reality, in this world there is abundance, having that which is needed. Being in the company of those we love, having a good time, we realize this abundance

Astrological Correspondence – Mercury in Cancer – Mercury and Cancer brings a very personal side out of our emotions. We seem in tune with not only what is on the emotional surface of those around us but the undercurrents as well. Mercury in Cancer carries the emotional memory of everything that happens in a relationship but since it is in tune with it, there is not so much the bitterness of the past, but an empathy as well. At times sensitive, these same undercurrents can occasionally throw off Mercury in Cancer and make it overly defensive


I Ching Correspondence – 28) TA Kao – Preponderance of the Great -This hexagram

___ ___
___ ___


This hexagram is comprised of the trigram Joy over that of Wood – There is an implication in it of a beam that is strong and heavy in the middle but weaker on the top and bottom. Now things are great but it is inherently unstable and can ‘crash through’ When we are enjoying ourselves with friends, we are in moments of joy and good times tho eventually our lives and the world come through. We can carry this feeling of enjoyment and the sensitivity to others and our situations  with us as we face whatever day to day crisis may break through.

In a reading, the three of cups can mean a time of enjoying companionship with friends and a time when we feel ourselves in tune with others. This card means quite often that we are allowing ourselves to feel loved and at peace and able to appreciate what comes our way.

Reversed the three of cups can mean that this feeling of camaraderie has disappeared or been blocked. There may be some disappointment or feeling of betrayal by a friend or that trust has been broken