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Renegotiating Reciprocity

This afternoon we had lunch with Norman and his wife Emma. Norman is among other things a family therapist. One of the things that came up in the conversation was the term Renegotiating Reciprocity. That term has spent the rest of the day kind of dancing around in my skull. It seems to have so many ramifications and defines so many things for me. After all what is our spiritual journey if not a constant renegotiation of reciprocity between ourself and the universe. As our capacity increases, so does our responsibility. We receive more and we give more, more light, more knowledge, more love. Also noteworthy is how we renegotiate reciprocity with ourselves and our own being. This is definitely contained in our relationship with the universe (from many viewpoints it may indeed be our relationship with our own being may BE our relationship with the universe.
The list goes on and on. The more awareness we have within any relationship (universe, being, deity, boyfriend, girlfriend, parent, child), the more the idea of reciprocity comes up.
It is not so much a duty or obligation to me as a necessity. The more I have been given, the more I need to give back, if not to the source of my gifts than to whomever I can. As my needs and my capacity change, than what i can and need to give out changes.