Contemplating Ancestors

Lately I’ve been involving myself more and more with a culture that reveres its ancestors and asks them for guidance, both in terms of spiritual ancestors, those in the lineage but also one’s physical ancestors. I’ve come to realize that I’ve been learning but not understanding how this could apply to me.
I mean my genetic ancestors are practical salt of the earth immigrants who follow a very traditional jewish religious (dogma) form of spirituality, what could they know that could help me connect within and without to godhead and the different god forces (whether you refer to them as demiurges, deities, orishas or sephiroth. That lever has now been shifted and once again I see my own ignorance and blind spots a little more clearly.
I mean, if I had the goal of merely understanding the nature of spirit intellectually (if such a thing is even possible) then I might have a point. What I’ve longed for would be more of a devotional relationship not only comprehending the attributes of the different god-forces but an emotional relationship with them.
The person who taught me the most in my life about unconditional love was my grandmother Pauline. She saw the world and those in it with all of its faults and she loved them anyway. She told me many times growing up that no matter what I did and no no matter where I went she would always love me. What’s more she meant it. I have had many relatives go on but she is the one whom I have felt at times, close to me, her smile and her love and I know that love has given me protection.
If I understand the quality of love that comes from the goddess at all. It is because of my dear Bubbe. Thank you.