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New Life From the Detritus of the Old


“Our sufferings do not magically end; instead we are able to wisely alchemically recycle them. they become the abundant waste that we use to make new growth possible.”
— Bell Hooks


No life is lived without challenges. We are tested arduously and elements that we love and cling to eventually turns to compost. We can mourn what we had and lost or we can use the detritus and raise up new lives from the old. We can cultivate lives built on the knowledge that nothing is permanent. We can love anything for the time it is with us and then move on ever manifesting in new ways. Somewhere along the line I had temporarily forgotten this. Because my life has had a newfound stability, I let myself grow complacent. I will not regret the past but create the future I want by my choice and will. Out of the flames the Phoenix emerges and together we will fly!
Blessings, G


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Undersea DanceUndersea Dance by G A Rosenberg


Blurred Memories of BeautyBlurred Memories of Beauty by G A Rosenberg


It’s All Part of the Construction


“A ‘mistake’ is beside the point, for once anything happens it authentically is.”
― John Cage


Imagine a world where everything we have done has led us here. Our so called mistakes and triumphs and how we have dealt with them have shaped us and moulded us into the beings we are now just as our present thoughts and actions shape our future beings. Can we look at a moment and say ‘this is good’ or ‘this is bad’? Where does that get us? It is in this moment that we can remake ourselves. Everything that came before is just raw material and is all part of the mix. We now return you to your regularly scheduled journey which is as always in progress.
Blessings, G


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Choosing A Face (Dantalion)Choosing a Face (Dantalion) by G A Rosenberg


Transmitting OutwardTransmitting Outward by G A Rosenberg