Friendship Lab


“Don’t let people’s scars distract you from their smiles.”
— John Maurer


A few of my friends who have been roommates for awhile came to me separately for advice on how to deal with each other. Their friendship appeared to be the kind that we humans choose unconsciously because we need to have a funhouse mirror of certain combinations of our qualities held up to us to see and deal with. This in my experience happens when our introspective nature’s become blocked. The things that draw us into these relationships tends to be the qualities that we share that we enjoy. Problems arise most often, it seems when qualities we dislike or don’t fully understand about ourselves come into play. I could see that this most likely was the case with my friends but could only point out the edges to them. Neither wanted to realize the gifts they were giving each other and themselves by illuminating how they dealt or didn’t with their shadow selves. Things escalated to the point where they forgot why they had become friends in the first place. No doubt they will each draw into their lives people with similar qualities that they will have to deal with until they get the lesson. Life’s funny that way.
Blessings, G


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Landscape of Intertwined Rainbow StarfishLandscape of Intertwined Rainbow Starfish by G A Rosenberg


Phoenix Dark RisingPhoenix’s Dark Rising by G A Rosenberg


The Power of Quiet


Power is often very quiet.
— Williams S. Burroughs


A Whisper in a quiet room can be deafening. When someone who normally speaks with booming tones can gain instant attention with a choked whisper. Power does not have to be loud or flashy. It is known by its nature, felt intrinsically by others with an energetic exchange. It is a matter of aural not oral intensity. Lay quietly in the dark. Let your mind float and listen. Amidst the echoes of the past day and the grumblings of your stomach, hear the whispers that come to you from your hidden depths. They are all too easy to ignore during waking hours but they will reveal layers of your being that were hidden. Not all will be reassuring and those are the ones that hold the most power. Hear what they are saying and understand the parts that you keep locked away. Those whispers are the keys. They don’t need to be acted on just acknowledged.
Blessings, G


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and sometimes I float in strange spacesAnd Sometimes I float in Strange Spaces by G A Rosenberg


Colour tensionColour Tension by G A Rosenberg


Wandering CatsWandering Cats by G A Rosenberg


Have Any Inappropriate Thoughts Lately?


“Man’s task is to become conscious of the contents that press upward from the unconscious.”
— Carl Gustav Jung


Have you had any inappropriate thoughts lately? Things that ran across your mind that startled you and made you uncomfortable and you immediately suppressed it and thought of something else? I don’t believe that there is any such thing as an inappropriate thought. It is all information that comes to us and if we can avoid judging our own minds, we can gain invaluable insight into our shadow selves. We all have darkness inside and the more we expose it to air the more light we will find as well. So next time you have thoughts of putting rat poison into somebody’s coffee or kicking a dog or other things that you tell yourself that you would never think of, instead of revulsion and suppression why not try curiosity? Look at the thought and say “That’s interesting. I wonder where that came from? You might find out something about yourself, resentments you’ve kept hidden away, little kinks that when looked at and exposed will be liberating rather than frightening. To paraphrase the old radio series, it’s our shadow that knows what evil lurks in our hearts and maybe its not evil, just suppressed.
Blessings, G


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Calmly GazingCalmly Gazing by G A Rosenberg


Depths of UnderstandingDepths of Understanding by G A Rosenberg


Dreams and Shadows


“Nights through dreams tell the myths forgotten by the day.”
― C.G. Jung


In our dreams we see wonders. Some of them give us positive feelings. We dream of loved ones or walk in fantasy realms. Others are more unsettling. Our own personal symbols of darkness come and threaten us in some way. Our fears play out and we wake up haunted. Yet what one person finds deeply unsettling another might find entertaining. Is it because some of us have darker shadows than others and a greater list of what we are unwilling to face? WIf we can look at our fears in the light of day than our dreams may become lighter. Perhaps tho its easier to externalize our shadows in dreams and work them out there. I guess it all depends on what we’re willing to face.
Blessings, G


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I Dreamt a Skewed LandscapeI Dreamt a Skewed Landscape by G A Rosenberg


Guardian of Dark DreamsGuardian of Dark Dreams by G A Rosenberg

The Shadow Knows


Just putting that in and letting it sit there in its incredible wrongness…

Lots of stray thoughts tonight. Part and parcel of the strange energy this past week. Lots of good art coming out of it but it does seem like there is a whole lot of clearing going on. Many different aspects of my psyche coming up, screaming to be heard. Funny tho, at one point some of the more (aesthetically? , ethically) negative ones would have had me a lot more freaked out…At some point, I finally learned that what we keep hidden causes the most damage not what we let expose itself in the light. I deny none of my thoughts or feelings. Do I need to act on them? Hades, no but much better to see the shadow then to try to keep it inside. Exposed, standing out naked in my psyche, they tend to loose whatever power they may have had over me.

Also if I don’t face my own bullshit, however can i have any compassion for that of others? As it is, wow, i am surprised at the amount of ugly thoughts that still find their way through this cranium…so much negative programming. and the debugging continues….

Not that all the surprises seem negative. Occasionally they just illuminate aspects that I don’t usually identify with. Still I am large, I contain multitudes or something like that. I love the weird stuff, I love the good stuff, I even love the darkest shadows of my being. They teach me to love others.

Everything happens Now!