Spoken Reality, Broken Potentials


“What you see depends entirely upon the words you have to describe what you see. Nothing exists unless we say it.”
— Grant Morrison


Pure form, formless
silence the point within
existence has not yet been spoken
yet something moves
consciousness ripples in the void
awaiting to be born
Nothing exists
so anything is possible
Every time something is spoken
potential is lost
countless possibilities
blown out of the water.
In each word we choose a reality
consigning countless others
to the abyss.
but don’t let that stop you.
— G A Rosenberg


Blessings, G


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Into Her KingdomInto Her Kingdom by G A Rosenberg


ReactionReaction by G A Rosenberg


Observing the Wonders


“Observe the wonders as they occur around you.
Don’t claim them. Feel the artistry moving through and be silent.”
― Kahlil Gibran


The air still moves
without my words
The stars and moon
shine above me
with kittens playing
in the moonbeams
There are flowers
and people feeling
I might feel sorrow
or anger yet
before the thousand
wonders of any moment
my feelings
are silenced.
Would that I could hold the awe
and hold the moment
and hold my feelings
yet in the next moment
things will resume
until the next time
the moment catches me
— G A Rosenberg


Blessings, G


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Echo ChamberEcho Chamber by G A Rosenberg


The Flame Still BurnsThe Spirit Still Burns by G A Rosenberg


Silence Shared


“Perhaps there is a language which is not made of words and everything in the world understands it.”
— Frances Hodgson Burnett


Wordlessly I take your hand
I rub your back after a hard day
I smile and we hug in silence
words get in the way
I touch your heart
as I stroke your skin
I laugh at your expression of delight
We walk in nature
hand in hand
and watch the sunset
and enjoy the gentle breeze.
I feel the pain of the past
as you cry out in your sleep
and I take it away with my touch
we say more with our faces
and our hands than our tongues ever did.
— G A Rosenberg


Blessings, G


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Freeing HerselfFreeing Herself by G A Rosenberg


Energy FlowEnergy Flow by G A Rosenberg


Our Speech and Our Silence


“I want to write a novel about silence. The things people don’t say.”
— Virginia Woolf


Some of us talk enough to fill volumes. We expound on so many different topics and fill the air around us with words. Yet so many of them are empty. We refrain from saying what’s really going on inside. When it comes to being vulnerable, we become silent at best. By this, I don’t necessarily mean that we don’t show emotion. I could talk for hours about things that make me weepy or make me angry. Those things for many are merely the scab with which we cover our wounds. So often when we cry or rage, we are not doing it about the topics that really matter. More often it means that someone has come close to a vulnerable area and we are desperately holding up signs that say “Here there be dragons” in the hope either that someone will either back off. Perhaps we have a greater hope that they won’t and that they can whether the emotional smokescreen to expose the injury beneath and thus offer healing. Yet we pull back and hold those areas in silence. Yes our speech may fill volumes but our silences can fill buildings.
Blessings, G


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Seduced by the ShadowdanceSeduced by the Shadowdance by G A Rosenberg


Calling Forth through FireEvocation by G A Rosenberg


Opening to the Silence


“We try to abolish intervals by our manic insistence on keeping busy, on doing something. And as a result, all we succeed in doing is destroying all hope of tranquility.
…You have to learn to immerse yourself in the silences between.”
~ Lyall Watson


In the space between
wakefulness and sleep
I let myself drift into silence
the echoes of the day receding
In the space between moments
my mind journeys
as I seek the silent void
from which the new emerges
In the space between actions
I seek stillness
and respite from the moving day.
— G A Rosenberg


The pace of life increases. It seems we all become so busy trying to fill the unforgiving moment with sixty seconds worth of distance run (as Kipling put it) that we forget that it is the silence in between actions that recharges us. New ideas and awakenings come from that silence and we wilt if we don’t get enough of it. Yet still the hamster wheel races on and all too often we find ourselves doing two or three things at once and if an empty moment comes along, we fill the void rather than open to silence.
Blessings, G


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The Burning Towers (Malphas)The Burning Towers (Malphas) by G A Rosenberg


Manifesting WillManifesting Will by G A Rosenberg


Take a Moment


“Observe the wonders as they occur around you.
Don’t claim them. Feel the artistry
moving through, and be silent.”
— Rumi


Sometimes the wonders passing through get pretty dark. Our relationships or some other area of our lives feels troubled and the taste of life just kind of crumbles or turns bitter like wine that has just started to turn. We turn to friends yet don’t wish to be burdensome with troubles that objectively seem minor. It’s just internally that they jump at our inner walls battering already beleaguered defences. To me that is the time to tune everything out put on some music that’s calming and inspirational and take myself out of the picture.
I can meditate. I can make art and write. I can walk in nature or I can close my eyes and do anyone of those or countless other things in my imagination. It’s amazing how even the shortest of removes can strengthen one’s resolve to see things through. It sounds trite and rather new agey to say ‘find your happy place’ and I am not suggesting living there or even sojourning. Hiding from troubles tends to strengthen them. However when we take these moments to strengthen ourselves then we can come back with a lot fresher perspective on what has been troubling us…
Blessings, G


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ThroneThrone by G A Rosenberg


GravityGravity by G A Rosenberg

Retreading Potpouri


A bit of a mixture of old and new tonight as I am determined to get back on track with the tarot book. Tomorrow: All-New Material.
Tonight — A bit of old and a bit of new…


“I have always believed, and I still believe, that whatever good or bad fortune may come our way we can always give it meaning and transform it into something of value.”
― Hermann Hesse


Inate lemons into lemonade.. tires into tirades… we seek meaning and find it in the strangest ways in the strangest places..turn around and see it in some strangers’ faces. At times cut off we feel so empty…need a fill, need a thrill… all too often, we may want a pill, find a cure… want to be sure…what lies within..find a new spin… meditate, not medicate and find the how…the reason that brings value to how we ended up here in the first place…


“The Reality Of The Other Person Lies Not In What He Reveals To You, But What He Cannot Reveal To You.
Therefore, If You Would Understand Him, Listen Not To What He Says, But Rather To What He Does Not Say.”
–Kahlil Gibran


I find magic in being able to be comfortably with another person in silence. Far too often it seems, when we share an environment where conversation does not reign , we start making assumptions out of fear. “Why doesn’t he / she say something? Are they angry? Did I do something to offend them?” We try to fill up their silence with words of our own devising. The more comfortable I feel with myself, the more I can quiet the chatter of the model of the other I have created in my head and I can actually be open to both them and myself.
Blessings, G </h4?

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Playing Behind the ScenesPlaying Behind the Scenes by G A Rosenberg


Twilight trickstersTwilight Tricksters by G A Rosenberg

Quote of the Day – February 24 2013

“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”
― Ansel Adams

I have no words to describe how I feel. Confusion, Delusion, infusion, collusion, and all those other ions colliding into each other. “If I claim to be a wise man, it surely means that I don’t know” Luckily, I know better than to make such foolish claims. I offer my words up here daily, a sacrifice to the universe where I share what goes through my brain at the moment. Both an exercise in writing and an exercise in self-expression yet tonight I have reached a point where I have little to express. Tomorrow is another day with more art to share and hopefully a tarot post. For tonight… a moment of silence…
Blessings, G

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Xanadu by G A Rosenberg

Using Love to Pick Up the Pieces

Picking Up the Pieces With Love by G A Rosenberg

Silence and An Orchid Mandala

“When the soul lies down in that grass
the world is too full to talk about.”
― Rumi

There is value in silence but if the quest for it proves a distraction, it helps to embrace and accept noise. At the very least its a sign of life teaming all around us.
Very often if you listen carefully different sounds combine to make music especially if you can divest the sounds for just a minute of emotional baggage. At the beach the sound of kids fighting and boring around (or swearing joyfully) can join in with the cawing of ravens, the lapping of waves and the joyful squeals of infants and form a beautiful orchestration of life waiting to be embraced. Perhaps the gift offered was to always listen for the symphony.
BLessings, G

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Orchid Mandala by G A Rosenberg

Quote of the Day – April 21 2012 (Part 2)

“In prayer it is better to have a heart without words than words without a heart.”
–Mahatma Gandhi

Maybe I’ve been going at this all wrong. For the past couple of weeks I’ve been working up towards expressing some thoughts on this blog that are difficult. I’ve been reaching for words only to feel my mind pull back that it is not time yet, reaching and finding that my sentences lacked clarity and things that I could articulate in my head moments before were now twisting and bending on their way to the screen. Perhaps it hasn’t been time for me to express them yet, perhaps I need to know my heart before it can find its way to words. I’m not sure but reading Gandhi’s words, I have more confidence that if my heart is there then the words will come
Blessings, G

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Flame Man’s Vision by G A Rosenberg