Pagan For the Holidays


“To be pagan and claim personal affront at the idea of Christmas more so than at Ramadan, Yom Kippur or any other Abrahamic or Eastern religion is not an indication of free thought. Indeed it indicates that one is still a slave to one’s upbringing.”
— Randall Wolfe


I’ve been thinking quite a bit about the idea of holiday celebrating this past few weeks. I tend to find much about this time of year questionable. Roads and stores are crowded. People seem a good deal crankier and less likely to smile as they look for the perfect way to express to their loved ones in a material way how they want to be perceived as caring about them. People try hard to maintain their roles in each year’s extended family drama. Kids seem more anxious and stressed about what they are getting and whether they have lived up to some perceived standard of behaviour and will be thus rewarded. The list can go on and on and that doesn’t even touch on some of my religious objections.
I freely admit that I do not subscribe to the Jewish, Christian or Islamic faiths. If I had to describe my beliefs at all it would be as wildly eclectic with strong pagan and thelemic leanings. As most who read this blog know, when it comes to faith and universal understandings I have many many questions and relatively few answers. This is not from lack of knowledge of the different options out there, indeed I have studied many of the world’s religions in farther depths than most of their adherents. Thus the questions arise.
Still I try to find meaning in every day I am alive and I applaud others who do the same. If they do this by connecting within a cultural framework and it means something to them that is awesome. Thus I have no problem exchanging “Merry Christmases” or “Happy Chanukahs” or “Joyful Kwanzas” with those who celebrate and I do not trod on their traditions. It is not my business what anyone else chooses to believe and any reason is a good one to celebrate. I graciously accept presents as tokens that someone thought me worthy of their time and I give such tokens as I have because for some a gift at a particular time of year means “I love you too” in a language that they can understand. If this is hypocrisy than it is a small one that I can live with.
The Northern Hemisphere is about at Solstice. The time of least light and greatest darkness. Many cultures celebrate the return of the light and the progress of the seasons no matter what mythology they attach to it. I wish all a pleasant Yule and solstice and a wonderful re-manifestation out of the dark in whatever form it takes.
Blessings, G


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Lord of the GladeLord of the Glade by G A Rosenberg


Drifting through the Fractal SpacesDrifting Through the Fractal Spaces by G A Rosenberg


Ghosts of Christmas’ Past


New light has entered.
At winter’s darkest moment
a glimmer remains


Happiest of Solstice times to all of you, my friends and family… Thank you for the laughs, the learning, the tears and for showing me more and more the truth of Shared Joy, Shared Pain and Shared Knowledge.


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Christmas NightChristmas Night by G A Rosenberg


Cavern Christmas 2011Cavern Christmas by G A Rosenberg

Quote of the Day – December 25 2012

“When you light a candle, you also cast a shadow.”
― Ursula K. Le Guin

Dear Spirit of the Season (commonly known as Santa),
What an amazing year it’s been since we’ve last talked. Thank you so much for the magic that I found in my stocking last Christmas morning. It was a small thing but watered with Dreams and Intent grew into a wonderful fire of the imagination.
It allowed me to imagine myself inside the heads and hearts of others and taught me further lessons on the difference between sympathy and compassion and how to truly help others.
It taught me to see the world in different ways than I was raised to see it and how to break free of my conditioned upbringing and understand the world that much better..
It allowed me to stretch my mind to accept that many more views of how the world work and look at each of them critically
It gifted me with the ability to convey my visions in art and writing….
So for this and many gifts that came from that one seed of imagination
I can’t wait to see what comes this year…
Some requests:
Greater understanding felt by all. Sometimes feeling understood is all that’s needed to be able to give it to others.
That everyone at some time feel hugged and loved at least once a day.
That the world leaders smarten up and step down and the world’s followers realize that they don’t need leaders.
Most of all that we realize we’re all in this together
Blessings, G

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Solstice with the triple goddessSolstice Campfire With The Triple Goddess by G A Rosenberg
Journey Mandala
Journey Mandala by G A Rosenberg

Quote of the Day – December 22 2011

“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”
― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

For the second night in a row, I went looking for a quote about faith only to be distracted by something a bit more attractive to me at the moment. I was going to say more meaningful but what can be more meaningful than something one believes with no empirical evidence to back it up? Such as given millions of people a cause to live, fight and die for.
Yet grace, which I discussed a bit last night carries one in a way that faith at least for me couldn’t. When it comes to beliefs, i tend to be fickle. You see, to me everyone has truth and so I tend to wish to be true to them and at the same time every one has dogma and nonsense that leads me to taking them less than seriously. Still I rotate a belief this way and that until I can see where, for now, it fits the greater puzzle. What part of the elephant is this? Hmmm, it could be an ear or an eye or the sky, ah than that is where i will leave it…For now anyway, what is that piece over there? I try on the faith, talk to its adherents, practice its rituals and believe….well not wholeheartedly, when one has been exposed to so many systems of faith and thought, it becomes more and more difficult to say “I have found the right one. This is it!!!” Instead, hmmm, this one answers that question in an interesting fashion and wow the people are positive. Where are the contradictions.. Yet Grace keeps me from losing heart. Drawing the map, to me may be lonely work but it keeps me going.
Namaste and Joyous Solstice,

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It’s All About the Light by G A Rosenberg