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Mind Scape

“I came to a point where I needed solitude and just stop the machine of ‘thinking’ and ‘enjoying’ what they call ‘living’, I just wanted to lie in the grass and look at the clouds.”
― Jack Kerouac


“Stop this ride and let me climb off.” I tell this to the conductor who is also me. He gives me a weary look and slows things down. He knows how often I have asked this before only to demand things start up again as soon as it came to a complete stop. Do I know my own mind? Better than most but I need to know it from the outside to see if TARDIS-like it expands eternally internally. The ride pauses if not stops completely and I grit my resolve and leap off. I hit the ground or I would if I wasn’t suddenly falling through the clouds. How often I’ve watched them outside an airplane window wishing somehow I could walk in that solid-looking illusory kingdom. It
s colder and moisture than I expected and not nearly as solid when you fall rain like. The ground comes rushing up to me and I have always been terrifying of falling or is that landing? Just like the ride tho, I slow to a float just above ground level. I step down.
There is a fire there. I sit down by the fire and look out and the stars are spectacular. They shift patterns and colours and I find myself entranced. At first I avoid inner quietude by naming unknown constellations but slowly out there lost in immensity my breathing slows. I let thoughts cross my mind without chasing after them. People pop in and pop out but they don’t stay long and after all its only me. Slowly I find peace and resolve.

BLessings, G


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Watching in the RuinsWatching From the Ruins by G A Rosenberg


Watching in the RuinsIntersecting Galaxies by G A Rosenberg

Living the Story and Surfing the Tale (A Thought Stream)

“Do not lose hope — what you seek will be found. Trust ghosts. Trust those that you have helped to help you in their turn. Trust dreams. Trust your heart, and trust your story. (from ‘Instructions’)”
― Neil Gaiman


Trusting my story often means surfing through the plot twists… I’ve learned that no matter what happens that I am still alive and that anything that seems worse will often improve… if a plot twists ends up with me leaving the party (dying) than this may have to be rethought… Not every good deed goes unpunished and every bad turn becomes a teacher…especially if you see it as furthering the plot…perhaps that is the secret to perspective..see even the bad things that happen as part of the story…perhaps this may be an advisor as well. For every decision that comes our way ask yourself “Does this serve the story?” I’ve heard worse advice..and if you believe that this is only one of perhaps an infinite amount of stories we will experience, perhaps not even one of the better ones or perhaps the most sublime, perspective increases… either way enjoy the tale.
Blessings, G


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Her Spirit Within the Wolf Conforted HimHer Spirit Within the Wolf Comforted Him by G A Rosenberg


Canine VortexCanine Vortex by G A Rosenberg

Flowers poke out through the Holes in My Road — Thought Flow

“Normality is a paved road: It’s comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow on it.”
― Vincent van Gogh


Normality is a comfortable walk? Perhaps for some, I have never found it so but then it seems it is a road I have oft missed. I stand estranged from most it seems, the Fool on the hill, the Joker in the deck, ever leaping and having thoughts that others don’t. Not necessarily clearer thoughts or better ones but different. Still they suit me and if I find that my thoughts and fancies keep me alone even when surrounded by loved ones well, that happens too. The more mainstream I have tried to be, the more I pave my road, the more flowers and weeds grow through. Perhaps paving in grape jelly is not the way to go? Seriously, or maybe frivolously I know that my road being its own that it probably is normal for me and others well enough have stuck with me that they must get some entertainment even if its just the strange colours.
Blessings, G


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A GuardianGuardian by G A Rosenberg


Fusion in the Heart of a StarFusion in the Heart of a Star by G A Rosenberg

Inner Voices – Rambling Thought Streams

“Gaze into the fire, into the clouds, and as soon as the inner voices begin to speak..surrender to them. Don’t ask first whether it’s permitted, or would please your teachers or father or some god. You will ruin yourself if you do that.”
― Hermann Hesse


We ask for guidance from inside, from outside but do we accept it when it comes. Do we write, do we fight the words that come. Are we numb to their meanings rejecting, deflecting protecting ourselves. In wonderful rationalizations we avoid the temptations that they offer thus conditioning does make cowards of us all. What deities or beings or inner higher selves may whisper what we need to hear? We care and we fear but do we dare?
I open myself to the guidance of all and I will fear not but my own discernment.
Blessings, G

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Eye of the WarriorEye of the Warrior by G A Rosenberg


Front ManFront Man by G A Rosenberg

The Doors of Righteousness and Wrongeousness — A Thought Stream

“Let go of certainty. The opposite isn’t uncertainty. It’s openness, curiosity and a willingness to embrace paradox, rather than choose up sides. The ultimate challenge is to accept ourselves exactly as we are, but never stop trying to learn and grow.”
― Tony Schwartz


“Everything in this book may be wrong”
— Richard Bach


Save me from answers or people with same.
If I seek the truth I have no time for answers.
When people have them they seek to use them
to prove others wrong
rather than as the gateways to possibility
each answer covers at least two doors
one that goes to If … then
the other to if not…then
both are valid routes to Truth
(note the large T there folks it matters even if some believe its existence to be as legendary as a unicorn)
until they are imagined not
each determines many new roads…
when you block the doors  of another’s beliefs
you block off their routes and possibilities
hard to imagine a worse theft than that…
Better to understand the doors we choose
and why we choose one and not another
for understanding our choices
matter more than proving another wrong.
Blessings, G



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Storm CallStorm Call by G A Rosenberg


Centre SunCentre Sun by G A Rosenberg

The Offensive Gnu – Streaming Consciousness

“I do not know how to find out anything new without being offensive.”
– Charles Fort.


To discover.. to look at something and see it for the first time… to discover it in a new way…upsetting the old and the ones who held it— the ones attached see me as wrong for my new eyes..my real eyes..my realization? … most can’t see… Galileo said the earth went around the sun… offended many… did he have the right?… how did he not? People like their Dragon spots and their fear and mystery… removing it…even tho the map may be better scores few thanks..how brave must one be to face the unknown even inside themselves? we’re looking for beings of courage…map makers to a new tomorrow… even if it means we have to throw out our old ones… Aww but the colours were so pretty too… that’s ok..we’ll create with even more pretty colours and it will be true..neophile- lover of the new, neophobe-one who fears the new… I know which one I will be…will myself to be..and if in the end my eyes offend and I lose friends.. i still will see the new..
Blessings, G


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Star DivingStar Diving by G A Rosenberg


Liquid FireLiquid Fire by G A Rosenberg

Quote of the Day – August 10 2012

“The imagination is the goal of history. I see culture as an effort to literally realize our collective dreams.”
― Terence McKenna

Activating the imagination…allowing people in my head on the monitor to flip through, like Alice knowing that you are all a deck of cards tho I include myself in that and the cards are tarot…combining possibilities and potentialities in archetypal memories…I was asked whether I am in an altered state when I create my art. Answers both yes and know… yes, altered from when I do my day to day living, a bit more drifty and meditative, know in that none of it is externally chemically induced — at least not chemicals i’ve taken in recent memory…Do certain parts of the psyche stay activated once they are turned on ever after able to come aglow not always at desired times but you can’t always get what you want but life tends to give you what you need. Does that work even for those suffering? To be honest I have no idea tho I hope and pray so to the depth of my being. May all beings be freed from suffering as the saying goes especially that which we tend to inflict on ourselves.
Interesting night, A friend is doing a project with the tarot cards and asked me for my input and its like an archetypal mafia, every time i get out i get dragged back in but we do tend to carry our dream images around with us dont we? Containing multitudes but none of us see these multitudes exactly the same way. Excuse the consciousness stream tonight but I decided to let whatever wanted to escape through my fingers escape tonight. Tomorrow perhaps I’ll be back to cogency but tonight we swim in the stream but don’t worry I’ve brought life preservers for the unweary and I vow to leave no man nor woman behind =)
Blessings, G

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In a God-a de Vida by G A Rosenberg

Flow of Random Thoughts at a Celebration (Consciousness Streaming Through)

Sketching sketchy thoughts
details hazy
not all clear but not all there
present in a real way
but not for unreal things


Finding a fun thought
to tickle my muse
tho humour’s defused
as I light the fuse


Catching the verbal wave
looking for something slick to stick
still the water’s nice
in this consciousness stream.
so I’ll dive right in


I wonder if James Joyce
use to sit with words dancing in his head
connecting dot and syllables as life
went on through and around him


Spirit is here
yet when is it not


Art finds Art
as heArt finds heArt


You can be by yourself in a crowd yet not feel lonely. Warmed by the good feelings that come when strangers embrace. The music also glows with a special organic warmth.


May every being constantly feel as blessed as I do right now.