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Quote of the Day – October 23 2011

“Every time you don’t follow your inner guidance, you feel a loss of energy, loss of power, a sense of spiritual deadness.”
–Shakti Gawain

ah inner guidance..the only thing that truly works to follow. When I hear something that resonates from me, a bit of guidance suggested from a friend or teacher (at this point with few exceptions, I find myself able to see everyone I meet as both friend and teacher) then it is my higher self telling me to follow it, tho if it doesn’t resonate and I follow it just because it comes from a loved one, than I surrender energy and power…) So often our inner guidance, the guidance of our higher selves has humour joy and happiness in its makeup, rare indeed has it been that following it has led me to sorrow  –g a rosenberg

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Finding Guidance by G A Rosenberg

I Move Forward… by G A Rosenberg

I move forward one foot in front
acting from my source
one step at a time
i can speak my truth
and need not fear the reply
or be dismayed by it
Where i came from or where i’m going is not as important as where i am
This moment..this place…
contains all of creation..
everything else is shadows and smoke…

stress, release into joy release into peace
i can enjoy this ride
tho take no passengers
everyone has their own vehicle
tho pull up alongside
and we can share stories
before we continue our journey