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Tarot Post – Three of Cups

Three of Cups  (Abundance)

G`Three of Cups (revised)


Trinity of friends

Powerful energy flows

Abundance ensues


Friends, knowing each others hearts and minds
We’ve known the hard parts
and have wandered through alone, together
But now is for fun and joy
This moment we have
each other’s company
overflowing, magical acceptance
that carries through


Cups deal with our emotional nature including love, both that as in a relationship between two (and rarely more) people and that of friends and companions. Threes deal with accomplishment, fulfilment and transmission of the energy. In this case the love that has been expressed overflows into a feeling of abundance. So often we think of our lives in terms of scarcity, what is missing and what we may never have. In reality, in this world there is abundance, having that which is needed. Being in the company of those we love, having a good time, we realize this abundance

Astrological Correspondence – Mercury in Cancer – Mercury and Cancer brings a very personal side out of our emotions. We seem in tune with not only what is on the emotional surface of those around us but the undercurrents as well. Mercury in Cancer carries the emotional memory of everything that happens in a relationship but since it is in tune with it, there is not so much the bitterness of the past, but an empathy as well. At times sensitive, these same undercurrents can occasionally throw off Mercury in Cancer and make it overly defensive


I Ching Correspondence – 28) TA Kao – Preponderance of the Great -This hexagram

___ ___
___ ___


This hexagram is comprised of the trigram Joy over that of Wood – There is an implication in it of a beam that is strong and heavy in the middle but weaker on the top and bottom. Now things are great but it is inherently unstable and can ‘crash through’ When we are enjoying ourselves with friends, we are in moments of joy and good times tho eventually our lives and the world come through. We can carry this feeling of enjoyment and the sensitivity to others and our situations  with us as we face whatever day to day crisis may break through.

In a reading, the three of cups can mean a time of enjoying companionship with friends and a time when we feel ourselves in tune with others. This card means quite often that we are allowing ourselves to feel loved and at peace and able to appreciate what comes our way.

Reversed the three of cups can mean that this feeling of camaraderie has disappeared or been blocked. There may be some disappointment or feeling of betrayal by a friend or that trust has been broken

Quote of the Day – July 15 2012

“To be fully alive, fully human, and completely awake is to be continually thrown out of the nest.”
― Pema Chödrön


When I was younger I used to move around a lot. I believe the longest I lived anyplace from the time I was 16 when I moved from my mother’s house to my father’s until I was 26 was about eight months and my life after that point took another ten years to settle down. With each move came various amounts of disillusionment, relief, excitement with a bit of fear. Each one increased my awareness to some extent. I threw myself down more rabbit holes than Alice ever dreamed of and came out the other side until I finally learned it was possible to learn from life without a great upheaval in physical circumstances.

Each new insight that we gain has the ability to rock our internal worlds. If we are conscious every time we discover that the universe is more or other than we have been told or believed our universe changes. Since the most we can ever understand of universal truth is a fraction this can happen every day. We are eternal children ever discovering that the universe is bigger than we’ve known. And so our fractal awareness grows.
Blessings, G


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Lantern by G A Rosenberg


Three of Cups by G A Rosenberg