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Quote of the Day – April 9 2012

“Everybody wants to let go, but how do you let go if you don’t hold things, if you don’t touch things in full consciousness, with a totally open heart?
–Daniel Odier, Tantric Quest

Looking inside myself and contemplating. How deeply do I touch life? I know that I live mostly in my head and sometimes feel everything is somewhat remote. More and more tho I have allowed myself to feel. I wake up in the morning and feel the sun upon my face and say thank you. I gaze at the sun and feel it charging me. I walk the dogs and more often than not do it mindfully.
I have started to ask objects and rocks for their stories and am listening. More and more I do the same with people tho that can be a challenge. Still there are too many ways in which I avoid the interaction.

What ways can you think of to interact more with life?
Blessings, G

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Weaving by G A Rosenberg

Projecting Lotus by G A Rosenberg

Buddha’s Butterfly by G A Rosenberg