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Short Explanation on the Relationship Between the Tree of Life and the Minor Arcana

Besides the 22 Major cards (trumps) which can be linked to the paths between sephiroth on the tree of life there are 56 cards in the minor arcana, split into four suits, These suits correspond to the primary elements (among many other things)
anyway Wands - Fire, Cups-Water Swords-Air Pentacles-Earth
The four suits number from one to 10 symbolizing the sephiroth in each of the 4 elements or (worlds )
There is also in eacy suit the court cards King, Queen, Knight (or Prince) and Page
which correspond to the tatwas, the combination of elements
thus Prince of Wands would be King of Wands would be Fire of Fire, Queen of Wands, Water of Fire, Prince of Wands (Air of Fire) and Page of Wands (Earth of Fire)
thus the sevens would represent the influence of Netzach in each of the four elements, thus in Victory in Spirit (or Fire) would mean the opportunity to win out over something both within or without, Victory in Emotion would be (Crowley’s Debauch notwithstanding) the ability to win out over choices , etc.