Quote of the Day – July 8 2012

“If you understood everything I said, you’d be me”
― Miles Davis

My first thought when typing this quote was “or perhaps telepathic” but thats not quite it. Even if we could read each other’s minds and know what we meant, it would take years of knowledge and experience in order to understand (or innerstand as a  few of my friends would have it) from where the emotional content of what I said arose. We could understand the content but not the source.

Perhaps that is how it should be. If we are, as I suspect a good deal of the time, the universes way of understanding itself then perhaps it should be at least as difficult as self-understanding is for us. Perhaps as well, understanding may be a goal that we always approach but never quite reach, much as grasping absolute truth while in the physical body. For if we do contain multitudes and universes within us, absolute universal truth and the heart of another may not be that far different.
Blessings, G


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Water Om by G A Rosenberg



Prairie Dusk  (photo)