Intertwining Unrealities


“… the world is a fabrication of the will. Art—always—requires visible unrealities … Let us admit what all idealists admit: the hallucinatory nature of the world. Let us do what few idealists have done: seek unrealities which confirm that nature.”
— ~ Jorge Luis Borges


Realities intersecting in hallucinatory ways
stories conflict as bubble truths touch
The truth lies in the crossroads
yet the trickster god holds sway there.
His sleight of hand confusing those
who wish to learn and
adding certainty to those who don’t
Artists fantasies intertwine between the two
interweaving different sets of facts
Sacred angels partying with bearded horned ladies
as dwarves and griffins dance
in technicolour
as the skeptical unicorn stares at bankers’ lusts.


Blessings, G


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