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Quote of the Day – September 5 2012

“People only ask questions when they’re ready to hear the answers.”
― John Irving

If we accept that we only question the things that we’re ready to learn than perhaps it is time to ask. Why do so many cause themselves needless heartache and how can I help make it better? Why do some people believe that they are chosen by God and so are more deserving ? How do we cure them of their madness and heal the damage they have caused? How can I lose judgement but keep love? How can I overcome my own blindness? What is the next step and how can I find the courage to take it? What is utopia and how can I help build it?
I feel ready for these answers and so many more….
Blessings, G

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Bowed but Not Beaten by G A Rosenberg

Mandala in a Storm  by G A Rosenberg

Quote of the Day – February 12 2012

“Nothing, not even a Utopia, can necessarily make the pursuit of happiness a successful one that ends in capture. The best society can merely allow every individual to flourish in the pursuit.”
–Daniel Nettle, Happiness: The Science Behind Your Smile

Stray thoughts on creating utopia:
relative utopia
everybody living according to their vision and helping others live up to theirs
perhaps then the key to forming utopia
is helping each person define their own definition of it
helping them realize that as they change the definition will change with them
and becoming ok with it
thus Utopia is evolutionary and evolving
Utopia is a touch stone
so much of it is subjective
to help someone have just a moment of their utopian vision
one moment to let them know its possible
and the ability to see where they are standing in their own way to realize it
Corruption comes in most often when one or a group start insisting that their view of utopia is the only right one
or when greed fear or anxiety kicks in and finds space to flourish in….
How would you go about building a utopia.

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Connections by G A Rosenberg