Scraps Revisited and A Journey Through the Gallery


Pieces of the puzzle coming together
Fractal truths form and break apart
only to find new shapes
as reality shifts
Its all a trick of the mind
so that the soul can see
its own reflection
Divine hide and seek so
blind sages can dance naked
with their elephant truths.


Thought won’t take me there
tho love can light the path
Understand? Don’t make me laugh
the wheel turns, the naga sings
and we can all join the dance
Ecstatic freedom
in spiritual carnality
openness in all things
Godhead whispering
beckoning grace
calling us to the fields


Sometimes it takes too long
in notime
my heart longs
then i hear the music
and the dance continues..

–G A Rosenberg



Here is a tour through my art gallery (circa 2010) aided by the Beatles. I had been using the ferryman character quite a bit seeing him as a symbol for myself at the time so wanted to put several of my pictures of him together.
It’s funny. It was easy to think of myself as the ferryman transporting other people but now I know I am yet the passenger and perhaps the boat…Luckily there are always friends I’ve found to help me through rough waters