Odd Ramblings


“I am obscure and odd, very deeply odd.”
— Virginia Woolf


Am I obscure? Perhaps but then I tend towards the mistake that many have read what I’ve read tho I seen to have more of a taste for it than others. Puzzling but then I have enjoyed the company of books more often and deeper at times than the company of other people. Connections made with the writers or the beings that they write about . A character from a beloved novel invoked at 3 AM can be as powerful as any other spirit and there are many with whom I have had discourse. But then like dear Ms. Wolfe, I have no trouble admitting to my oddness.
The more I live life, the more puzzling I find certain aspects of it. Sometimes this is amazingly heartening and sometimes like the present I find it frustrating. I want to be able to fix the world or at least the parts of it that I love and yet I can see perspectives where there is no brokenness just being. Anything can be healed perhaps yet the how and why and consequences of doing so are not often available. Everything has ripples, ways in which they interact with other things that interact still more that any change to the system can change it beyond recognition. Yet still I impose my will even tho I may not know how to cause no harm. Still the I I know as me is new to this game, merely in it for a little over half a century. Maybe with time the wisdom and discernment of how to act and more importantly when will come. Until then I learn and attempt..why anything I set my mind to I suppose.
Blessings, G


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Colourful TorColourful Tor by G A Rosenberg


Ornate and Delicate WebOrnate Webbing by G A Rosenberg


To Be Free


“The free soul is rare, but you know it when you see it – basically because you feel good, very good, when you are near or with them.”
― Charles Bukowski


My puppet strings cut long ago
I wear no chains unwillingly
I am free to do my will
My only task discovery.
My love is freedom’s sun
In its shadows do I dwell
Any who would deny me
their wishes I will quell
My will is clear within me
it’s fulfillment is why I live
in laughter love and merriment
giving what I have to give.
On life’s long journey forward
I’m never looking back
As long as I have liberty
there’s nothing that I lack.
— G A Rosenberg


Blessings, G


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At RestAt Rest by G A Rosenberg


EchoEchoes by G A Rosenberg


BluestarBlue Star by G A Rosenberg


Curb the Dogs of Reason


“Philemon: “That is the third point that you must note as essential:
namely; that there is nothing for you to understand.”
Jung: “Well, I must confess that that is new and strange. So
nothing at all about magic can be understood?”


Philemon: “Exactly. Magic happens to be precisely everything that
eludes comprehension.”


Jung: “But then how the devil is one to teach and learn magic?”


Philemon: “Magic is neither to be taught nor learned. It’s foolish that you want to learn magic.”


Jung: “But then magic is nothing but deception.”


Philemon: “Watch out-you have started reasoning again.”


Jung: “It’s difficult to exist without reason.”


Philemon: ”And that is exactly how difficult magic is.”


Jung: “Well, in that case it’s hard work. I conclude that it is an
inescapable condition for the adept that he completely unlearns
his reason.”


Philemon: “I’m afraid that is what it amounts to.”


Jung: “Ye Gods, this is serious.””
— Carl Jung- The Red Book/Liber Novus


When doing anything for the first time, it is necessary to get past the idea that it cannot be done. If we start thinking about all of the reasons we have not successfully done it in the past then we are lost in a trap. We need to go forth in whatever we are attempting with full confidence that it is possible even if that confidence defies reason. This is true whether we are performing an act of ceremonial magick, going for our driver’s license or putting together Ikea furniture. If we think of magick as accomplishing something through use of will then anything that challenges our will works against us. Thoughts of failure no matter how logical will make what we wish to accomplish all but impossible. Therefore, there are times that reason like an unruly dog must be set outside in order to get anything done.
Blessings, G


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AttackedAttacked by G A Rosenberg


I HaditI Hadit by G A Rosenberg


ForneusForneus by G A Rosenberg


Point of Freedom (Redux)Point of Freedom (Redux) by G A Rosenberg


The Will to Anything…


“Anyone is capable of anything (will plus belief is ability) if they themselves create the opportune moment and incentive. Heaven gives no genius to disbelievers and no vengeance worse than the body denied.”
— Austin Osman Spare


With the will to do it and the willingness to be totally focused on the desire at hand to the exclusion of all other things, we can do miraculous things. We can get ourselves out of the worse situations. We can create totally new lives for ourselves. Yet developing the will and the incentive can be a sticking point. Too often, what others may think of us or what we may think or feel for them becomes a consideration. Distraction is always there. This is why almost any spiritual or magic discipline involves the training of the will and concentration. Imagine if we all actively focused on making a better world, no matter our conception of it without worrying what others were doing. We can manifest anything. Despite the inertia that we have built up in our lives.
Blessings, G


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Contemplation, Escape and DesireContemplation, Escape and Desire by G A Rosenberg


A BreachA Breach by G A Rosenberg


I Course My Corse Course


“Every man and every woman has a course, depending partly upon the self, and partly upon the environment which is natural and necessary for each. Anyone who is forced from his own course, either through not understanding himself, or through external opposition, comes into conflict with the order of the Universe, and suffers accordingly.”
— Aleister Crowley, Magick Without Tears


I course my corse course of course
through effort of strengthening will
I find my way
tho oft go astray
I find the path in distance or underfoot
conflicting shadow selves abound
tho their voices help me to be found
I careen in mad orbits about my sun
merely to find I’ve only begun
insights, slights
even a touch of delight
guide me through dark night
for in darkness I may gain
that seed of self
thought hidden on some dusty shelf
and so I find my way
distraction won’t hold sway
I seek to find my one true will
holding still, holding still
— G A Rosenberg


Blessings, G


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Will To ChooseWill To Choose by G A Rosenberg


Fuchsia ShockFuchsia Shock by G A Rosenberg

Tarot Post – Magician


I – The Magician (Mercury ☿)


G`The Magician by G A Rosenberg


He wills to create

The magician lifts his wand

Energy flows through


Receiving the fire
and letting it flow through
using all the tools at hand
to create
on screen and off
according to my will
Soon something will exist
that wasn’t before
except in imagination
Letting manifestation happen
the more i open to it
the more if flows through
not so much a part of me
as coloured by my being
and by the power
that inspires.
–G A Rosenberg


The Fool falls and lands. Where before the Fool was whole with the potential to become everything, now polarization has happened. The Magician is male to the Priestess’ female and active to the Priestess’ passivity. One way of looking at the Major Arcana is the quest to reunify these two into a realized World / Universe at the end.
The Magician utilizes his will and channels spiritual energy into accomplishment. He uses all four elemental tools (The Wand, The Chalice, The Sword and The Disk) to aid in this.
Another way of saying this is that through his will uses the power of his spirt (wand, fire, spirit) his emotions (cup) and intellect and knowledge (Sword, remember that the Magician’s astrological attribute is Mercury which is connected to the mind) and his sexuality (pentacle) to effect changes in his environment.
Regarding the last, given that we manifest in the physical it could be said that the Magician’s most powerful tool is his staff (between his legs). This is also true of the Priestess also but until the Magician opens the way with his staff, it remains secret, then she becomes the Empress as her Nature becomes manifest.
For those who may be inclined to take the above statement too literally, remember that we each contain all the archetypes within us. Which means that we all have our own Magician, Priestess and Empress and all the others as well.
The Magician also represents the trickster archetype and teaches usually by tricking the student into learning what he or she needs to know. (Consider Merlin, Carlos Castaneda’s Don Juan or Socrates in the Peaceful Warrior Books by Dan Millman.) In tricking others, tho it is quite possible that he will surprise himself with a lesson or two as well. One of his lessons is learning to discern whether his results are objective and tangible as opposed to subjective. Another is to use his powers in a way that is true to his authentic self as opposed to wasting his energies on whim.


Astrological Attribution: Mercury(☿) – Mercury’s energy is all about fast transmission and communication. It also relates to intellect and logic. In Greek mythology Mercury was the messenger of the gods, always in motion. Thus those who have a strong Mercury are likely to move swiftly from thing to thing to thing, going in, doing what they can and then move on to the next thing. Mercury also is related to the sensory impressions and the moment to moment intake of information.

Runic Correspondences – Mannaz(‘Mankind’)
Mannaz is the rune of thought and intellect. It has to do with using our energy for self-actualization through study and personal commitment. It encourages personal responsibility and that towards the rest of humankind and how we interact with the world.
Other Runes that have been connected with the Magician are Pa and Ansuz.


Path on the Tree of Life: Path 12 – Beth (‘House’) which links Kether (Crown) to Binah (Understanding) – If Path 11 involves manifestation than Path 12 involves the transmission of knowledge underlying manifestation. It is referred to as the intelligence of transparency.


When the Magician turns up in a reading it can mean that a time of great creativity and communication is at hand. We feel energized and can accomplish anything and that the things and people we need to help us will show up. Indeed quite often they will be caught up in our enthusiasm and be swept along. It is a time of inspiration and manifestation where we are able to impose our will on the world around us. The Magician tends to utilize and channel all in this process so when the reading refers to a relationship, it may be one where manipulation is present. A question that may come up when the Magician shows up in a reading is, “Who’s agenda is being followed? Who does the Magician represent in this situation?”
The Magician can also refer to a situation where we need greater focus and concentration. </h4?

When the Magician comes out reversed in a reading, it often means that we are blocked in some way. It is possible that we either don’t believe in what we are doing or that we don’t feel like we deserve the outcome that we are trying to manifest. The other cards in the reading may give an idea on what is blocking us. It may mean that we are repressing something that we need to take into account. This blockage may come from external sources as well. It may also mean that we are misusing our energies and imposing our will on others irrespective of what they may wish.

Just Desert


“They cannot scare me with their empty spaces
Between stars—on stars where no human race is.
I have it in me so much nearer home
To scare myself with my own desert places.”
― Robert Frost


Do we all carry different territories within us? Do we have the oft-traveled city streets crowded where one aspect melts into another and we can easily lose site of ourselves given all the different opportunities to be someone at least slightly different? Are there rural areas where life is abundant and we find quiet peace while we grow and know that we are not afraid of hard work as long as we can see the result spreading out in front of us. Do I have inside me a suburb where everything is pre-fab and the same outwardly placid inwardly chaotic face is shown to all. I believe I contain all of those but deep within me as well are the desert places.
I believe we’ve all experienced the desert inside of us at least once. The places that we would call empty tho in reality they are teaming with life, tho its a bit subtler and wilder. Here we are stripped down to our essentials and there is nowhere to hide. We find every ounce of ugliness inside us but also every ounce of will we have to survive. I can handle the ordeal of the desert tho I will never take it for granted for there I find myself.
Blessings, G


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Layers and LevelsOutside the 3 D Maze by G A Rosenberg


Lava Lamp MandalaLava Lamp Mandala by G A Rosenberg